Jin yuelin with tsinghua university philosophy bumpy journey dedication in the New Year

here, jin yuelin

the founder of the department of philosophy, tsinghua university is illuminating.

king word Long Sun (1895 & ndash; 1984), is a famous philosopher, logician and educator in our country. Hunan changsha people. In 1911, attended tsinghua school of higher. Graduated in 1914, and passed the overseas United States at the university of Pennsylvania, learn business. In 1917, received a bachelor’s degree, graduation and attended Columbia University research institute, went up to study political science. In 1918, received a master’s degree. In 1920, the doctor’s degree in political science. 1920 & ndash; In 1921, at Georgetown university. In May 1921, the way mother funeral home. With the study at the end of the countries such as Britain, Germany, France and Italy.

Mr Kim to return at the end of 1925, the first university in China. In July 1926, back to his Alma mater tsinghua university to teach, and established the department of philosophy. Until 1952 departments adjustment, incorporated into the philosophy department of Peking University, for 26 years. The dean by Mr Kim and Mr Feng you-lan alternately.

interrupted 48 years later, in 2000, tsinghua university department of philosophy reconstruction.

tsinghua logic class, the original school mentor Mr Yuanren chao, Mr. Zhao read logic in Harvard University, he taught up to more than enough. But in 1926, he transferred to the central research institute, the school hired Mr King back to his Alma mater to teach logic.

after Mr Kim rather than taught, and there is no specially studied. He is to teach and learn. He is not afraid of a tiger to quench, quite have the courage, dare to innovation.

he had more courage and innovation spirit, single-handedly, self-made man, created the department of philosophy, set the plowed. Tsinghua university department of philosophy of the first student shen ding said: & other; TaoYu teacher jin yuelin, classmates and I have founded three tsinghua university department of philosophy of honor. Judging, the later development and achievements of honor TaoYu people and I can bear. This is Mr Kim one’s move. Throughout the &; Mr Kim is the founder of the tsinghua university department of philosophy, its feats, will its eternal!

then, Mr Kim’s real courage from where?


Dare, as well as

Mr Kim’s way of teaching logic, has its own internal causes:

one of, the logic of Mr Kim has have a higher than average person talent. For example: & other; Money like dirt, friends is precious & throughout; The saying, people always thought it rich life philosophy. So the conformity and widely circulated. However, he was a teenager, found the problem: if the two sentences as the premise, according to the methods of categorical syllogism, conclusion can only be launched by & other; Friends like dirt & throughout; . So, before and after the conflict. So, feng hailed his childhood & other; There is a feeling of the logic of talent & throughout; .

second, in the first half of 1922, Mr. Kim’s visit to the school hours in Britain, is under the influence of Russell and Hume, & other; Since then I focus on analyzing & throughout; . & other; Eleven years of the republic of China to study in London, there are two books for my special big: the influence of a bottom is Russell “all of Mathematics”, a “Treatise” end of Hume. Russell, although not at the end of the book I had read, but it makes me think of philosophy as a philosophy does not necessarily rely on big topic, is commonly used in daily life can also have a profound analysis of the concept of, and the analysis of the profound philosophy. Since then I focus on analysis. Throughout the &; His this important result and experience of learning, engaged in teaching, research, and became his life office is the main spirit and basic ideas.