Jinan old houses into temporary toilet experts: building high value

the characteristics of republic of China, the old house now reduced to a temporary toilet. Our correspondent Qiao Xianjia taken

have the characteristics of roc old houses into temporary toilet now. Our correspondent Qiao Xianjia taken

the old building external wall tower stone, of the republic of China in jinan are rare, but angry. Our correspondent Qiao Xianjia taken

this newspaper on November 25 (reporter Qiao Xianjia) reporter recently in jinan weft three road a construction site, planning survived several residences during the period of the republic of China, the current protection situation is generally poor, even as construction workers & other Temporary toilet & throughout; .

these three northern section of road on the west side of old house is located in the weft, of a busy section of the old city of jinan. Reporter recently from the southeast corner of the site into a gap found that although these old houses have been preserved in the planning and construction, but to protect the status quo. In a old house on the south, east, south on both sides in the construction, a construction worker in the old house defecation, look very indecent. In it is the stench is tangy. Old house has become a temporary workers toilets, indoor ground ground was more than a metre deep; On the construction site on the east side a piece of old house, exterior wall component consists of the stones, so far still looks very solid, doors and Windows with traditional characteristics. It’s a pity that east and west on both sides of the extensions are being cut, leaving smoldering rubble. Three old house located in the northeastern flank, in the red brick HeiWa, has the complete walls, there is an old tree. Unfortunately the house situation also not beautiful, is full of poop.

hexiang experts, deputy director of the institute of jinan archaeology Chen Bin told reporters, these old houses are jinan residents to stay in the 1930 s, built a little slower than jinan open port. Although that is not old, & other The value is very high, even if broken again, this type of construction in jinan and that’s all. Throughout the &; Chen Bin is introduced, the old house has a distinctly western taste, appearance and Chinese roof, match well of Chinese and western, display building is influenced by Chinese and foreign culture. It is in itself a witness of history.

reporter noticed that the old house has not been included in all levels of government units to be protected, so we can not cause the developer’s full attention.