Jobs’ biological father have son: birth was abandoned and the deadlock has never broken

jobs was born a week was mountain, near San Francisco a couple adopt. ABC 6, jobs grew up, his father John & middot; Yang Dali wish to establish contact with his son for many times, but have not been able to fulfill a wish.

young Dali is a Syrian immigrant, the 80 – year – old, is the vice President of Reno, Nevada casino hotel. He said he and his ex-wife Joanne & middot; Simpson gave birth to the jobs. But because Simpson’s father opposed both union, Simpson was born in jobs soon moved to San Francisco, alone with his children away.


son become apple’s chief executive, Yang Dali several times to send E-mail to Mr. Jobs, but never get reply. The old man hopes to be able to be called jobs, afraid active call son. Yang Dali worry, do that will make jobs considered themselves have a crush on his money. Father and son stalemate until jobs’ health problems arise also failed to break. Along with deteriorating jobs’ health messages in the press, Yang Dali always looking for opportunities to meet his son, even if only for a cup of coffee together, will be that pleases him. Just, Yang Dali never can get up the courage, picked up the phone.