Jose award winners kuang huimin: exploring Chinese folk XiangLu spirit world

kuang huimin: 20 years in the road to jose

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kuang huimin with 20 years trying to explore Chinese folk mass spirit world of image works of the return of the native road, no matter the road goes to after basha miao people in guizhou, and hengshan nanyue strand, or the south mine, cause we focus on simple life around, bring us warmth of thinking. By accident in this year, this is the way to the Amsterdam in the Netherlands, who has photography & other; Oscar & throughout; The name & other Jose & throughout; The podium. This documentary photography seems to confirm the professional recognition, record time, need a more simple and tenacity of power.

lens may shorten the distance of time and space, but it must be lonely and faithfully record the whole journey.

song of vulcan — work hand set kuang huimin

& other; The return of the native & throughout; Is missing and looking for

the kuang huimin & other; The return of the native & throughout; Set, in this time & other; Jose award & throughout; A series of records of war and disaster is an award-winning works & other; Alternative & throughout; Performance: the xiangtan Chinese folk 20 years the most real simple life scenes. Works won the competition prize art gallery of the third prize.

set was originally called & other; Native people & throughout; , changed its name to prior to participation & other; The return of the native & throughout; . Kuang huimin said, again and again to home – the return of the native process is actually a process of personal growth, is also a process of exploration. & other; , ten years after the start of reform and opening up, people began to know MAO zedong. At the bottom of the common people began to miss MAO zedong to bring equality and stability. Although we are a lot of material life abundant than before now, but more and more people miss MAO zedong. Why do you want to miss the past? This is actually a process, is & lsquo; Time of the return of the native & rsquo; And & lsquo; Thoughts of the return of the native & rsquo; . We are missing the past and at the same time, also looking for a new journey begins. Throughout the &;

in 1993, MAO zedong’s 1993th birthday, shaoshan welcomed as the return of the native, chairman of the event. Also from this year, kuang huimin started this group of photos. From then on, & other; The return of the native & throughout; Road, a shop for 20 years.

on December 26, the chairman’s birthday. Twenty years, at this time of year, kuang huimin to xiangtan, taken various memory of MAO zedong’s activities. In addition, on September 9, the Spring Festival, ching Ming festival will go and see a similar activities. Such a record ordinary folk life topic, how to get the favour of international photography? & other; A lot of westerners’ knowledge of Chinese is not very thorough, comes to China, usually associated with MAO zedong. They say they want to a deeper understanding of China’s most ordinary real life looks like. Throughout the &; Kuang huimin said.

MAO zedong apparently has become a round of Chinese symbols. Kuang huimin in many parts of the world, ask a person who haven’t been to China for China’s impression, a lot of people will be about MAO zedong. Ask their opinion of MAO zedong, tend to use very simple summarized said: MAO zedong changed China, also affect the world. And kuang huimin & other; The return of the native & throughout; , is precisely MAO zedong thirty years, with the native people and the Chinese folk’s real life, will this & other; Symbol & throughout; Meaning embodied, is 30 years of reform and opening-up, to today’s Chinese spirit and faith to rethink.