Joyce zhang: zeng guofan is China’s traditional society finally a saint

“positive and side of zeng guofan” author Joyce zhang (image by the author

recently, the famous scholar zhang hong outstanding version of his new book “zeng guofan’s front and side”. Look from the packaging and name, zeng guofan’s front and side seemed to be popular writing, after reading through, however, is a bright.

first of all, the author did a lot of kung fu, sorts out the historical data, spare no effort, having the zeng guofan has a lot of profiles, such as how does he have a windfall, corruption and bribery, and from the cynics to dodgy metamorphosis, from historical data can be found, not since said the words; The second, not immersed in & other; Tell a story & throughout; Vulgar, but from a view of zeng guofan, show the humanities, the society of late qing dynasty thought background, academic and government; Third, in above history filled with humanity, in which there is quite a pity, helpless and anxiety, the author based on zeng guofan’s example and seek relief plan for today, for the whole job for the future, in this era of entertainment, the author still insist on a rare sense of responsibility. Therefore, Chinese culture Chinese reporter contacted the book’s author Joyce zhang, let’s listen to him, zeng guofan’s how.

China zeng guofan is the qing dynasty was the number of a few potential energy minister, loyal, and zeng guofan’s 200th birthday this year, is also very much in writing his book, excuse me. Is this how is positive and the side of zeng guofan unique?

Joyce zhang: now publications on zeng guofan is indeed very much. So I want to write zeng guofan, heard that many friends are not in favor of. Said streets is to write a book. The mean, the man was writing too bad, you are not afraid to write new idea?

in fact, from many Angle, zeng guofan is almost a not been writing and mining. Although with zeng guofan book on market, ninety percent is & other; Successful learning throughout the &; What category, & other; Zeng guofan’s history & throughout; , & other Successful JueXue & throughout; , & other High rank and throughout life &; & hellip; & hellip; & other; Successful & throughout; Although there’s nothing wrong with, WuNai too drab? Most of the remaining ten percent is only from the perspective of political, military, or thought such grand to & other; Refining & throughout; Zeng guofan, unavoidably have boring place.

the new book name is zeng guofan’s front and side, my strength is two side. One is zeng guofan lifetime income and expenditure, the other one is his relationship with the traditional mysterious culture. The two are used to study zeng guofan who did not concern, is also very interesting topic. Such as zeng guofan’s income and expenditure, understanding exactly how much money, zeng guofan life how take out? He abide by officialdom? A grey income? Leave behind no huge legacy? Through these, from which we can see the traditional social & other; Throughout the last sage &; Presented in the secret corner & other Sincerity & throughout; With & other; Hypocrisy & throughout; , also can read an official state of daily life, more can observe a variety of subtle and complex officialdom in late qing dynasty & other; Hidden rules & throughout; The specific operation. Therefore, the process of writing this book, can say is also learning and research process of the political and social history of late qing dynasty. Choose this point of view, and my undergraduate economics major, it should be said there are some relations. This major make me set up with the vision and perspective of economics people habit of looking at things. Economic point of view is a very good point of view, because it avoids the emotional, to avoid the ideological, it can take on many other Angle can’t see real.

the other, the relation between zeng guofan and mysterious culture is also very interesting. Zeng guofan will face reading, as love, believe. Study the relationship between zeng guofan and mysterious culture, can understand the mysterious culture how important a role in traditional China.