Kenming wang compiled confessional memoirs 32 grey man wrote “cultural revolution”

in kenming wang’s view, from private apologies, to personal reflection, to the collective confession, is the end of the educated youth generation of destiny.

the past five years, a total of more than ten authors rejected manuscripts, afraid & other; To make a mistake & throughout; Or & other Trouble & throughout; . Old ghost writer to write a confessions Rousseau type, for mother was family denounced for & other; Whipping corpse & throughout; .

& other; After the 90 & throughout; The reaction Liu Xiaoya slightly relieved: if no one knows how he died, he is really dead.

over the years, Beijing cultural researchers kenming wang always think: where to find the lost & other Gift & throughout; ? The study of funeral customs in yulin of shaanxi in the mountains, the old man, the answer is a traditional: & other; Cozy and to the wild. Throughout the &;

today, kenming wang also tried to put this creed through history writing: 5 years, the old man visited the people, to search for a & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; A list of the penitent. The 32 names on the list, had been & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Part of the violence.

to move things, these people got the reach and most older people 74 years old, the former perpetrators choose write down crimes, ready for publication, to seek forgiveness.

& other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Over 37 years, by the trauma of complaint, to reflect on the contemplation of literature, and then a confession to sporadic individual voices, to examine all the more difficult in the heart of the evil. Now, a group of people choose to bow to history to apologize, is almost a folk awakened one can walk to the limit.

& other; & lsquo; We & rsquo; Still is one of the few, & throughout; Wang Ke, & other; Really apology and reconciliation has not yet arrived. Throughout the &;

& other; If everything is driven by time, that no individual sin and evil? Throughout the &;

this book will be compiled a 61 – year – old kenming wang reasons attributable to & other; Sin & throughout; .

in 1971, more than kenming wang to shaanxi groove to the countryside, the 19 year old educated youth from this burst & other The revolutionary fervor throughout &; . In the subsequent & other; A dozen of three-mirror & throughout; , the kenming wang the secretary GuZhiYou beating. Beaten, the head of a white towel in the plowman morels without saying a word, chung blood appears to rely on in the mill.

over the next eight years, GuZhiYou no longer mention was beaten, but often helped wipe hoe kenming wang mill scythe. Wang Chong disease, valley with a triangular needle bloodletting therapy for it. & other; You a Beijing dolls, the victim suffers, is not easy. Throughout the &;

kenming wang was so ashamed: kenming wang since more than a dozen times to ditch, dare not goodbye GuZhiYou. So for thirty years, until 2004, all kenming wang finally get up the courage to walk into GuZhi some caves, spoke late & other; I’m sorry & throughout; . 74 – year – old man laughed: & other; Hi, sport! What you when the doll house, understand! Throughout the &;

din s still exist in the folk kindness touched kenming wang, let him in to his repeatedly asked: & other; If everything is said to be due to age, that no individual sin and evil? Throughout the &;

kenming wang decided to liquidation. GuZhiYou died in 2008, he sent on a blog obituary, and on a magazine published an article “I GuZhiYou type”. The end of December, he and his friends YueJianYi, xiao-ming song to discuss, decide to find more contemporary, solicit articles, compiled a book called “our confession collection.

in kenming wang’s view, from private apologies, published an article to a personal reflection, to a group of people collective confession, is the educated youth generation for myself & other A knife a knife deeper dissection & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; & other; Is the end of the educated youth fate. Throughout the &;

kenming wang issued YaoGaoXin. Get the feedback for the surprise & ndash; & ndash; He never thought of in the folk, there are so many people and the past entanglement, for once upon others hurt in pain.

66 – year – old Yang rick, in 1969, sichuan xichang city warfare, Yang rick and his companions with a submachine gun, waist-deep in the river of weeds, gunned down a warfare between members of the opposite.

& other; The cultural revolution & throughout; After the end of the past always rick Yang in the chest. In 2008, he decided to write articles on the Internet become reflection & other; Nonhuman & throughout; In the past. He even began to look for and experience: same & other; Who killed people? Online chat & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

to physical violence, some reflection to the psychological harm of others: old ghost writer describes how to betray Song Erren classmate, due to his writing full & other; The reactionary discourse & throughout; The diary; Ding Shan memories were tyrannised winging in the best of friends, she choose silence because of cowardice; Teachers ZhangMengJie is delayed because of hate father identity prospects, see him as an enemy, let it die in a broken house lonely & hellip; & hellip;

& other; Memory torment them. Throughout the &; Wang Ke, & other; This is a generation of scars. Throughout the &;

& other; Such a s, who is the victim? Who is the persecution? Throughout the &;

originally, kenming wang find Lu Xiaorong, 67 – year – old man angry: & other; I am a victim, why are we repent? Throughout the &;

kenming wang’s friends, the original Chinese workers press edit YueJianYi impressed her: & other; A s like that, you can really tell, who is the victim? Who is the persecution? Throughout the &;

the painter li bin, born in the year 1949 & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; The fine arts editor of the journal red guard battle report is in Shanghai. He composed of printmaking rebelled, in April 1967, the people’s pictorial cover full picture posted.

li sees himself as & other; Age of pushing & throughout; And he doesn’t think his innocence. & other; I draw too many prints, I act as a part of the violent propaganda machine. Throughout the &;

now li bin try to use painting to reflect on past: painting, called “dreams” li bin with black tone down more than one thousand & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; The victims, let it appear in the court of trial of the gang of four, He also plans to some & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Penitent’s story as comic books, such as in & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; In the report hong-bing zhang mother, lead to be shot.

kenming wang subsequently found, more people will repent extend to a broader level, so as to find more complex thinking.

professor of central academy of drama Yang Jian always remember, in 1966, at school, he as a property, rushed into the couple’s house. They copied from home out of the dozens of records, has a waltz, with foreign folk songs. At this time, have been silent mistress, suddenly cried sadly.

the hostess shrill scream, gave the child a strong shock. Yang Jian later realized, he accidentally killed the family turmoil the only happy days.

old ghost writer also decided to give the mother to write a confessions. His mother called Yang mo, red classic novel the author of “song of youth”.

it was 2004, and old ghost mother overheard a interview recording in the 1980 s. Interview, mother said that want to write a memoir Rousseau type. She said, I admire Rousseau’s courage to tell the truth, I want to write the real life, and don’t dress up as a perfect man.

old ghost want to complete the mother’s wishes, began to collect her diaries, manuscripts, and to look at the polyhedral mother: & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Advised his son to plead guilty, to lead the deification of the mother, as well as & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; After the return to innocence, the mother of admitted his cowardice. & other; At a certain stage, she is not a normal mother, she was the alienation. Throughout the &;