Laba rice porridge customs have a family reunion began in the song dynasty congee ancestor worship (FIG.)

laba porridge customs have a family reunion began in the song dynasty congee ancestor worship (figure)

sago sweet laba rice porridge

today is laba festival, drink a bowl of warm laba rice porridge in the morning, will make people happy and have energy throughout the day. Drink laba rice porridge in China history, more than one thousand years, it is said that the first began in the song dynasty, on laba that day, whether the court, and the rulers, temple or oh off the laba rice porridge to do. In the qing dynasty, drink the customs is more prevalent laba rice porridge. In the palace, the emperor, empress and prince to XiangWenWu minister, attendants maid-in-waiting gives the laba rice porridge, and distribute to each temple meters, such as fruit eaten by monks. Among the people, families also should make laba porridge, ancestor worship; Have a family reunion at the same time, eat together, or gift relatives and friends.

these years living standards improve, people fish meat to eat many, such as symbol of life in the past simple clear congee dishes instead become a food fashion. Only drink laba rice porridge to the laba festival before, now life is also very popular at ordinary times, many white-collar workers are also on the cooker boiled the day before, the next morning before going to work, drink a bowl of healthy and keeping in good health. All kinds of grains collected together, after for a long time of stewing, fragrance 4 excessive, is indeed a good breakfast. Liu Yang

[menu] today sago sweet laba rice porridge

production: 1, m (glutinous rice is better, better add some purple or black rice), mung bean, red bean wash, add water heat to cook. The first fire to boil, heated in a fire at 5 minutes. 2, red jujube, longan pulp, tremella, chestnuts, walnuts, Chinese wolfberry, raisins, ginkgo, lotus seed, hawthorn, kumquat, mei meat (non-nuclear plum meat, apricots and all kinds of dried fruit, etc.), peanut, sesame, kidney bean, taro (wash peeled cut into small pieces), rock candy, etc. Put down the pot. 3, about 1-2 hours, the longer the better.

the point: to teach you a trick to make porridge very greasy, but also can have a lazy. This is to buy some sago, about half an hour to put some, can make the porridge become bored with the paste is more sweet. Other all sorts of small material can add and subtract by conditions, much less who don’t care.