“Language” of dolphins is expected to be cracked is similar to human communication

has a complex interaction between the dolphins.

recently, a study published in the journal of the royal society biology letters study found that dolphins are not like what we usually think in whistling, means of communication between each other close to human beings. Perhaps, the near future, we can understand the dolphins.

dolphins communicate similar to human

the study found that dolphins means of communication between each other close to human beings. When some dolphins like whistling sound, the sound is made by a particular organization vibration, its operation principle is similar to humans and many terrestrial creatures of vocal cord vibration. & other; Human or animal to blow the whistle, is determined by the gas cavity resonant frequency. Throughout the &; The first author of this report to Peter & middot; Madsen said, & other; But when the dolphin dived into the water, the cavity is compressed gas, of & lsquo; Whew & rsquo; Will be higher than the original voice, the deeper potential, and the higher pitch. Throughout the &;

madsen is biology at the university of Aarhus, Denmark researcher, his team is through the use of digital technology and analysis of a 12 year old male bottlenose dolphins in 1977 recorded sound, the dolphins communicate. Dolphins in the sea will be inhaled a helium oxygen mixture (80% helium, 20% oxygen), the gas can make the person’s voice sounds like Donald Duck, in which sound travels up to 1.74 times that of the ordinary. In other words, if a person to inhale the gas after the whistle, that he will blow out of the pitch is normal breathing air blowing out of 1.74 times. & other; But we found that the dolphins in the helium oxygen breathing will not change in the mixed gases, the pitch, it shows that the pitch does not depend on the nasal cavity dimensions of the gas, so they are not in the whistling & throughout; Madsen said, & other; In fact, they are through the connective tissue in the nasal cavity resonant frequency sound, and they can freely adjust the muscle tone and by air. This and human vocal cord when talking to do the same. Throughout the &;

using a special instrument is expected to decipher the dolphin language

according to the authors, this study also applies to all their body. The dolphins generally talking about what? They are in the exchange of identity information. It is said that this can help to keep in touch when they swim in the sea.

the study dolphin language sound engineer John & middot; Stewart and jack & middot; Cather invented a call with him & other; CymaScope” Instrument, the instrument can display the details of the sound structure, let people can study graphical voice. Therefore, the researchers can like decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs, will the dolphins & other; Translation & throughout; Come out. In addition to whistle, will be issued a dolphin chirps and the sound of the train running on the track, which means that they also have quite a complex social interaction.

& other; Dolphins can & lsquo; See & rsquo; Sound, the process and ultrasonic detection in the pregnant uterine fetal we use. Dolphins use voice to see? CymaScope provides us with the first time to explore the possibility of this area. Throughout the &; Cather said, & other; I believe that people around the world will be happy to communicate with the dolphins, if dolphins are not conservative, should also be happy to talk with us. Throughout the &;

the study, there is another interesting content: illustrate how animals, lost, again development an ability. Dolphins terrestrial ancestors may sound like a human, when they become aquatic animals, has lost the ability, then gradually & other; Different structure in through the nose & throughout; And regain voice capability. Through training, dolphins can also learn to real whistle, but madsen think they & other; Won’t go to blow in a natural environment & throughout; Because they already have the & other; More effective & lsquo; Whistling & rsquo; Method & throughout; .