Largest indoor decoration Jin Dafo maintenance was completed by reputation “crown of gold Buddha” (FIG.)

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at maintenance after the completion of the largest indoor decoration Jin Dafo. Liu Xianglin taken

Beijing model.flood-control of 25 nov (Liu Xianglin) for 2 years, took thousands of kilograms of various kinds of materials, the use of nearly 70000 pieces of gold foil. 25, jinzhou.would model.flood-control county in chongqing, as high as 18.43 meters, China’s largest indoor decoration Jin Dafo held & other; Throughout one thousand Buddha one hundred gold &; Protect the maintenance completion ceremony.

it is known that model.flood-control of Buddha located in 1.5 km northwest of jinzhou.would model.flood-control county scenic, digging in the salty tang (860) of the first year, it has been nearly 1200 years of history. Buddha in Song Shaoxing RenShen in seven years (1152) and qing jiaqing (1802), the word nine years (1870), ten years of the republic of China (1921), four gold, is currently the world’s seventh, China’s first indoor decoration Jin Dafo, by Chinese and foreign cultural relics experts & other; Crown of gold Buddha & throughout; .

model.flood-control of county party committee and county government party member Yu Guisheng tells a reporter, model.flood-control of Buddha in the long term the natural and man-made factors, the statues of rock mass weathering, empty drum, denudation, gold foil color changing, craze, case become warped, discoloration, coloured drawing or pattern, fall off, back wall rock fracture water penetration, surface dust dirt such as disease, serious damage to the integrity of the Buddha and the artistic image, endangers the safety of cultural relics of the ontology. To protect this precious historical and cultural heritage, approved by the state administration of cultural heritage, model.flood-control of the county, the county government commissioned the Chinese academy of cultural heritage and guangzhou baiyun cultural relics protection engineering co., LTD., in May 2010 to start the Buddha protection maintenance.

the Chinese cultural heritage of the institute for shu-guang liu said that the repair, repair and maintenance work carried out ontology of biological disease processing, surface of surveying and mapping of Buddha, Buddha body & other; Gold & throughout; Such as repair maintenance, the maintenance is one of the biggest model.flood-control of Buddha’s history. Involved in the construction of culture and art, religion, technology, materials, and other disciplines, from engineering design to implementation, complex technology, work hard, there is no similar successful precedent at home and abroad.

& other; Coat is a good letter of introduction, clothes to make the man, as the Buddha gold has always been a buddhist tradition & throughout; Shu-guang liu said, with gold fix, effectively eliminate the disease of the existence of figure of Buddha, greatly reduces the impact of external factors on the Buddha, the Buddha of the artistic image to complete. After repair of the Buddha carved of facial technique is more delicate, more beautiful lines, corner of the small grain and smiling mouth movements, make the Buddha look more friendly, using more integrity and coordination, and the shoulder to the trunk and skirt and face more have administrative levels feeling, Buddha’s historical value, artistic value and scientific value.