Late a lot: the mobsters to reach how to marry diva Meng Xiaodong?

Core tip:

Meng Xiaodong arrived in Shanghai, the mobsters off sick self to the airport to meet people in person. The mobsters merrily merrily, wild with excitement, later to be Meng Xiaodong is like holding a phoenix. Meng Xiaodong also impressed by his kindness, from the who, and went out, like serve her teacher Yu Shuyan, with dedicated serve the mobsters.

articles from the old China underworld eldest brother the mobsters inflaming the author: wang junwork publishing: united press

on August 30, 1947, is the mobsters the celebration of 16. Prior to that, while he is out of disease good hair, live on the 18th floor, not easily out of the door, and during the civil war, the kuomintang’s borders everywhere shows, and guangdong and sichuan, north jiangsu and other places heavy flooding. Mobsters and don’t want to in his home on grandiose, criticism, so for the suggest hold a birthday party shall refuse to shook his head, force, however, he will more asthma howls ground to say:

& other; Come on, now I what mood to celebrate the birthday? Throughout the &; But friends, ACTS, and the disciple’s disciple said the 16 daqing do, because the mobsters 50 birthday just value & other; Eight & middot; Tourism & throughout; In the war, there were a lot of want for his birthday, the mobsters once said:

& other; While campaigning, where to hold a birthday party fun? To do, such as against the Oriental people, 60 years of age to do again! Throughout the &;

so someone said: & other; Do you Mr. Du said words, this life of 60 things, and certainly no exception! Throughout the &;

all friends with mobsters and ACTS, the disciple’s disciple of the constant social organization protege, high-handed to organized a & other; Mark du public 60 ShouDan preparatory committee & throughout; , the launch of the preparatory committee 23 people. Already prepared.

on August 29, the mobsters 60th anniversary of the first night, in the home of Gu Jiatang, by the mobsters friends parties jointly held a NuanShou for him, is the number after strict selection, selection of fine again, but there are more than two hundred. Years old friends such as jin-rong huang, 25-year-old, wang xiao lai, ZhangShiZhao, money of the new, xu send Qing, Fan Shaozeng, liu airlines processing, etc., party, political, military friendly such as HongLanYou, Zheng Jiemin, poppy, pan xiao, with Cheng Cangbo, Chen Fang stream coming, scene looks warm and relaxed, it is a pity that a night on the mobsters because asthma for hair, not to be present. So warm birthday feast will by HongLanYou published remarks, and then is the mayor of Shanghai senate President pan poppy, representing the mobsters speech recognition, and banquet guests for Shang, wish to 18th floor mobsters and a quick recovery.

on August 30, the mobsters period of 16, lido garden ballroom taixing road closed for one day, a broad matchless nave layout became the beauty of the garden ShouTang, red candle high fever, cigarette smoke; Colorful, aromatic pubi all kinds of flower basket by hall along the outside corner of the room, on both sides has been on the screen, if it were almost countless thousands of hundreds. Jiang, President of the national government, already inscribed a plaque, with elegant picture frame so high in the middle, congratulations Wen Yun: & other; Jia LeYanNian & throughout; .

about double-box, give YuanBu will head for the central problem of ShouLian life of hiding, on both sides of the wall, everywhere from all walks of life with love ShouBing hang the thick layers of more, full of beautiful things in eyes. On the day of receiving the gift of a total of more than 800 pieces, all publicly displayed in a long line of tea table, including shield, silver tripod, jade, play. In the present, there are three special precious, admirably kind, one is the postal union use a variety of stamps cut and paste into the life of figure, the experienced tiancheng, rare paper, one is an American company with more than hundred kinds of wool embroidery industry the needlework of the mobsters colossus, is said to be the company’s third after Truman, embroidered portrait painting, the third thing is a traditional Chinese painting, the painting lu dongbin is the mobsters, the eight immortals in the gift of honesty is good praise good prayer.

the mobsters because asthma disease cannot resalute present, he sent his firstborn Du Weifan led the sister in law and sister brother-in-law, discrete platform, generation of mobsters and acknowledge to congratulate to the guest, in addition, he please 25-year-old, money of the new, xu Qing, Xu Cheng as general reception.

at 8 o ‘clock in the morning, the first to the celebration is a Shanghai police commander, and police chief XuanTieWu couples, just from the mayor of Shanghai wu gwo-jen, slightly celebrity status in Shanghai all their congratulations, came from the central to candidates with wu tieh-cheng, Wu Dingchang, raven, and mo teh-hui, chang tao-fan, hollington tong, far away sunke, bai also sent to the representative. This a day to He Jiabin 5600 people, the car driver gratuity has developed more than 1500 people.

du mansion borrow lido garden to celebrate the birthday, the open is the open-air banquet, a table full of 10 guests, then serving, dishes are all plain and only four sets, thing, fish, duck, ham, in addition to serve each guest to element face a basin.

after the victory of the war, the mobsters in Gu Jiatang spent a short period, in order to facilitate for illness, have been Yao Yulan side. 18 storeys is compact, because don’t like my old house there grand HuaGeGao road, large population, the house is small, all sides can take care of, for the mobsters this & other; Lord of the family & throughout; The patient is good. Mobsters is a sick man, he was afraid of bother, afraid of noisy, clear visitors live, flow, more afraid of running on at the same time, labor sick self. Besides mobsters and 8, 3 women in 1947, has been d Francisco, screen walls, dimensions, reform and d dinin married, five small couples, HuaGeGao way to live.