Latest research shows that: the Milky Way human habitable planet with 60 billion

red dwarfs

according to the China Daily website, the daily mail reported that British scientists at NASA’s Kepler space telescope collected space after data analysis, points out that for every red dwarf star in the Milky Way galaxy, there is a star and planet habitable planet of similar size; But scientists at the university of Chicago and northwestern university to a new study shows that red dwarf star in each corresponding to the number of habitable planets may be two, which means habitable planets in our Milky Way galaxy could be as many as 60 billion.

red dwarfs are quite common in the Milky Way of stars, the planets around these stars surrounding many could be habitable planet. The biggest characteristic of the habitable planet is external covered with clouds. & other; Clouds will make the earth warming, can make the earth cooled, in addition to reflect sunlight to cool, clouds also absorb the infrared radiation of the earth’s surface to cause the greenhouse effect. Throughout the &; The right temperature can also let the planet’s surface to maintain a certain amount of liquid water, which is one of the necessary condition for the existence of life. And for a red dwarf, due to its own temperature and the brightness is lower than the sun, so it is easier to create suitable for human habitation for planets around conditions.

the study also points out that, as a result of the habitable planets orbit with a red dwarf is shorter, so the side of the planet will always to the red dwarf, to obtain constant lighting.


a red dwarf is refers to the low surface temperature, color slants red dwarfs, especially in the main sequence star comparison & other; Cold & throughout; M type and K type of star. These star quality in 0.8 under the mass of the sun, the surface temperature of 2500 to 5000 k. In addition to the sun is the most close to the earth star proxima a red dwarf star.