Less local awards suspension golden horse awards speech Hou hsiao-hsien cow: a jump

SMW news 49th Taiwan golden horse film, Taiwanese leaving only four trophies, cause & other Close golden horse & throughout; Speech. The Taiwan movie circle in discussion not only, also be a discussion on the network and local media reported the hottest topic.

as Chinese film industry’s most influential and historical tradition of a big prize, Taiwan’s golden horse film has come in nearly half a century. 11 years ago, in 2001, the 38th golden horse award best actor, best actress went to mainland actor liu ye, qin hailu, has sparked a & other; Not close & throughout; The debate. Since sometimes no relevant comments. 4 9 annual awards ceremony ended last week, most of the award to the mainland, Hong Kong film, was called by the media & other; Taiwan throughout history the most miserably &; . Taiwan’s democratic progressive party (DPP) & other; Legislative & throughout; Ms kuan, initiative & other Close golden horse & throughout; Voice, then draws represented by hou hsiao-hsien, director of the Taiwanese filmmaker collective, will have to speak out.

the chairman of Taiwan’s su tseng-chang said on November 8, 2 foreign, & other; Don’t close golden horse & throughout; , it should be & other; Talk about movies, film & throughout; , actually give filmmakers is should encourage and reward. A settlement. & other; Culture minister & throughout; Lung ying-tai also said the golden horse awards for can & other; Place righteousness above family loyalty & throughout; , independent and professional pursuit, to become the standard of the Chinese movie industry.

movie circle big bounce

hou hsiao-hsien cow: a jump out to

golden horse commission chairman hou hsiao-hsien, director lee on November 26, in public activities, questioned mentioned & other; Close golden horse & throughout; The emotional. Hou hsiao-hsien don’t understand why someone so put, gas to roar: & other; There is a jump out to! Throughout the &;

, said lee & other; Close golden horse & throughout; The logic of the wrong, & other That a lot of games to cancel, the marathon is Kenya’s too! Throughout the &; The media continue to cross-examine, hou hsiao-hsien counter-question reporter: immediately & other; You are bullshit! She speak half a day (lee), you still don’t understand, you’re going to listen to her call names? I’ll scold is good, nonsense! A bunch of bullshit! Throughout the &;

hou hsiao-hsien nu number: & other; Those who simply can’t figure out, film is not you tell me about it casually, film is not so simple thing, understand? Throughout the &;

hou hsiao-hsien is also described the golden horse awards & other; Cow & throughout; . Hong Kong movie too, he said, the local (regional), China’s golden hundred flowers awards must wait ten years to mature, & other; If the suspension golden horse is ridiculous & throughout; .

director zhu named: really want to swear

because the democratic progressive party (DPP) & other; Legislative & throughout; Ms kuan requires close golden horse awards, director, director zhu questioned her watch Taiwan movies. He said on facebook, and other The name of tube Obama sang & throughout; (i.e., & other; Legislative & throughout; Ms kuan) never look at Taiwan movie & other; Ensure to take ten pictures of Taiwan’s new directors let her know, a also don’t recognize & throughout; . He thinks the other suddenly jump out to care about Taiwan movie, & other; Really want to swear & throughout; .

hours: art should not be the hype

with the girlfriend, boyfriend, won the golden horse best actress hours, also don’t agree with. According to Taiwan media reports, long hours to respond, & other; Art should not be the hype, let art back to the original appearance! Throughout the &;

political voice

lung ying-tai: not because Taiwan award having less

golden horse topic has become a focus, Taiwan & other; Culture minister & throughout; Lung ying-tai stress & other; Can’t close & throughout; , & other; Golden horse is the most can represent one of the hallmarks of Taiwan, a beacon of Chinese world. If because Taiwan award is not much is about to tear open come down to the lighthouse, have such a thing? Throughout the &;

to Taiwanese film award winning condition, lung ying-tai, said & other; Let us, of course, a bit disappointed & throughout; . But, she says, competition there must be a win, & other; Who says that must have been to the Taiwanese the prize? Not awarded to the Swede, Nobel Prize award may not be awarded to the italians. Throughout the &; , she says, the golden horse awards should be encouraged to maintain the highest professional standards, the applause for review.

Taiwan media reports, lung ying-tai hope the social from all walks of life should give Taiwanese films a little more space. This month, she also a brief return to Taiwan and discuss the development strategy and local films of ang lee will be in the future.

media comments

this award is the most precious value & hellip; & hellip;

for & other; Close golden horse & throughout; The storm, some Taiwanese media reported recently in the dense prop up golden horse. Not only convey the voice of the film circles, also made comments. Critics say, & other; Because justice, Andy lau as 49th annual golden horse awards judging panel. This year the finalists in the men’s and women’s leading role, supporting role, best director, the island for at least 15 people, but from afar, because golden horse fair, let them believe that they will have a chance. Throughout the &;

at the same time, the media also quoted the 47th golden horse awards in 2010 on the mainland actress lu won the best actress of speech & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; She shouted into office & other; Golden horse is fair & throughout; . & other; In increasing awards in the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, with a history of nearly 50 years of golden horse awards announced each year as a result, can in the face of criticism, attack, almost no one questioned injustice, this is the value of this award is the most precious. Throughout the &;

from the review of the golden horse award list, in addition to the film industry in front professionals behind the scenes, scholars, critics, there are also cultural figures, both specialization and internationalization. These reviews are an influential people, such as Wang Tong (director), hong leong (director), lee (actor), bo-wun Chen (clips), Liang Liang (critics), Lu Fei easy (scholars), Locke Israeli forces (author), jiang (Hong Kong actor), Dai Li endure (actor), yu governing (scholars), Li Xiangxiu (scholars). In runoff stage, plus the three foreign review: to Jane a Lin (JaynePilling, British animation director), monica chu (M onikaTreut, German documentary filmmaker) and get completed in three (Tokyo film festival). & other; Such a review, you can see the golden horse awards executive committee attentively, it is no wonder that hou hsiao-hsien after hearing the democratic progressive party (DPP) & lsquo; Legislative & rsquo; The criticism will be so angry. Throughout the &;