Li ao for liu xiaoqing acknowledged table “respect” : she is the star of stars

li ao to show liu xiaoqing & other; Respect & throughout; , come to make sure she wrote a poem: & other; Stopped her to suffering; Stopped her to winter & hellip; & hellip; Stop, she become myself. Stop, she become a star in the star. Throughout the &; Comic Xie Yao

whenever I hear an actor out so-called news, beautiful or ugly, intuition can be concluded that this is to have a new movie or play to play, the old means of hype. Actor with each other, each other fall, also is the need to promote posturing. Of course, holding each other looks more polite.

real li ao holding work grew

on August 27, was held at the Taipei world trade plays the heyday of the media, during a meeting with the play to Taiwan actress liu xiaoqing and famous writer li ao live shows a whole holding each other. Two books, composing poetry, poking fun at each other, media reports for & other; Artful & throughout; . Li ao wrestling effort seems to be increasing in recent years, is not the already & other; Cultural fenqing & throughout; , ridicule and li ao name also gradually, no longer from the performance of the meeting, I seem to see some more real li ao.

XiaoQing to mixed reviews

“wind” show in Beijing had several rounds of performance, material is not fresh. Leading role “golden flower, a historical figure and Beijing entanglements, real or imagined. Starring liu xiaoqing, a famous actor and Beijing origin deeply, and virtual reality. The name of the two together, will have a & other; Drama & throughout; Appear? After the scene view, I think it has no more fresh perspective. The life of the golden flower had been repeatedly depict, deduce, more than one actor has shape of stage and screen the & other; Resources throughout the &; . “Wind” in the liu xiaoqing and golden flower dialogue from a distance, to unfolding narrative with two so-called fate intersection, I really don’t understand the writers is this in fact or in liu xiaoqing.

as a non stage born actor, liu xiaoqing subjective or effort, but [the last night of king tai pan] from 2005 to today’s heyday, are some typical business operations, she plays the lackluster performance on the stage. In spite of this, I think I still higher than the hype & other; Not old legend & throughout; & other; Beauty secrets & throughout; , is not completely tradition.

tailored tested

Chinese drama from & other; Civilization throughout the play &; Hong yi spring willow club era, exist, there are also south Beijing unknown talent show in the playground. Liu xiaoqing, golden flower, heyday, li ao, poetry, only through the ages business emerges a few small parts. Taiwan’s viewers will see this is liu xiaoqing tailored drama, whether recognition, this is not against the poetry, holding each other to solve the problem. (anschutz)