Li bai in love exposure: twice “inserted down the door” scold ex-girlfriend faint “her”

tang zhou-fang “the piano sipping figure”

li bai said he and other Throughout three hundred and sixty, drunk every day such as mud &; . File photo.

thought love is everlasting, actually a lot but in the end is on good terms, finally a lover not to become a friend, there is always one of the two people to go first. This seems to be a specific ecological law of love.

however, conclusions are rational, accept the conclusion is a perceptual painful process. In this process, the perceptual mood will always have a rebound, are the feelings of calm the wound will always have a canker, no one can be rationally brokenhearted. If very rational, that means he or she before falling in love is false.

the mixed with rational and emotional lovelorn mentality, grassroots, sages have, there is li bai, he wrote out, pass through the ages.

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affair: li bai in the history of marriage have two inserted down the door

about li bai’s marital status, the teacher of his iron man wei hao finds have clear record, first marriage to marry in hubei AnLiu, marry is former cheng tang dynasty imperial mutually take granddaughter, marital status, happiness. Eldest daughter had a son and a woman, named pingyang, the second is called “the birds. The nature of marriage: the door son-in-law. This is li bai teacher own confession, he admitted in his letter to pei long history: xu phase countries & other; Recruit & throughout; He door.

about li bai teacher forty years old when, xu teacher left him milk misfortune. This time, li bai had moved to shandong, here got a surname liu eyebrow in the United States, the relationship between the two people to maintain very hard, after break up.

after the sinking, again to find a girl in shandong, even couldn’t understand a surname, history records: only & other; Lu throughout the woman &; Living together, two people seem to just stay in phase, also gave birth to a son, very cute name: glass (li).

to teacher li bai more than 50 years old, entering the fourth relationship, married to a former prime minister tang dynasty imperial ZongChu’s granddaughter, miss li admits that the marriage is “home & other; Recruit & throughout; He is also inserted down the door.

master milk is a good wife, the husband Li Baiyou reengineering. Teacher li bai poem written well, political vision but did not dare to compliment, sixty people also not calm, at a foot in the rebel camp, results in deep DaYu, du fu had described the horror: & other; Is everyone wants to kill & throughout; Running up and down, it is master milk, use all the relations of the house, the li bai come up from the bottom of the death of the deep water, Mrs Li bai to infinite gratitude: & other; More gentleman with jesson, tears please tso & throughout; Master milk, compared to long hair, when the three barefoot on the snow to CAI wenji please forgive the husband.

said the four relationship history, only the history of the second paragraph and surnamed lu sister is the most obscure, the third paragraph although did not even leave the somebody else a girl’s name, but at least left two people emotional crystallization: li glass. And the process of liu, seem to be nothing left, light smoke in li bai’s career.

really the case? No, the past does not smoke, little imagine, to teacher li bai was one of the biggest shock, stimulate the most severe, in this section.

feeling hurt: filed second li bai scold anything

after the death of li bai in the first lady xu too, into the life of the first trough, the wife is gone, in a LaoZhang house should be can’t stay any longer, the poor are the two children, li dads with where they should go to?

go to shandong, because a martial-arts expert called PeiMin, shandong is the world a swordsman, li bai wanted to learn jianfa, & other; Learn sword throughout shandong &; , the tow to the east of shandong. Warm-hearted friends for lee’s son and daughter found a new mother, surnamed liu, is also the NaLing family.

scold his former girlfriend & other; Throughout her faint &;

in addition to follow master min jian, li bai teacher and still had life, towards climb mount tai, flew to zhejiang, having a lot of social activities, the women have been idle at home.

the lius girl felt that he should not be to teacher li bai as a nanny, so break up with li bai, li bai’s elder brothers wei, in the preface to han-lin li set is so general li bai and emotional experience of liu: & other; And suitable for liu, liu tactic. Throughout the &; Liu offered to break up.

to this affection setbacks, li bai teacher’s mind is very care about, can say hate to tooth itch. An estimate is self-esteem, second estimate is liu girl didn’t sense of responsibility, threw two children no matter.

therefore, li bai to the liu girl say malicious words, in the “snow chan poems present friends” this poem, poetry writing says she and other Rampant throughout the &; , & other Throughout her faint &; , any bad words to scold out, also compare her to, da ji, his mother, anyway, which women are the worst in history, which take metaphor liu girl.

this is a very unhappy, also very crass breakup, estimation is the girl in front of liu said li bai the teacher a lot of bad, just cause rebound li bai. Guo moruo teacher guess so.

to li bai forty-two years old that year, fortunes, called he xi li, it was the time when the breeze, our teacher li bai thinking this hurt his woman, then write poetry NaLing don’t children in Beijing, so four yue: & other; Will buy records of foolish woman light, also home west into the qin dynasty. Face upwards laughed out the door, my generation is basil. Throughout the &;

scold she is buying the pointy-haired wife, zhu surname liu, you see, now I promise, you regret it! This & other; Face upwards laugh & throughout; A part is aimed at the lius girl.

however, li bai to her really only hate?

reflection: write poetry excuse for former girlfriend

as the highest level of literacy, datang empire li bai, after all, some reflect the spirit of self-reflection is one of the essence of culture.

for the break up, li bai also reflect on their own life attitude, a poem called “give in” described their husband and wife life: & other; Three hundred and sixty days, every day drunk as mud; Marry with li bai fu, see a wife & too often throughout; . A fair, li bai is drunk fairy, ugly, is a drunkard. A woman marries a man alcohol, no matter what are her misfortune, three hundred and sixty days a year, day after day, drunk woman conjugal love together where there is time.

explain & other; How are too often throughout his wife &; This sentence, the eastern han dynasty zhou Ren Chaoting too often, he is a wonderful work, work too hard and ask to family life, the wife to come to the office to find his wretched, he flew into a rage, especially after the judicial organ to wife, said she interfere with the work.

li bai think it reflect deep enough, then as a girlfriend before, wrote a letter to break up, called “resign to women”. In this poem, the awful abuse, only her sorrow and angry and helpless, the more write more real, more see the man’s consideration.

the wife with empty pillow every night thinking of the man, crying & other; Pillow mat raw water & throughout; The best youth, beautiful appearance, the man didn’t go to appreciate, wait for the return of the man? & other; And forward jun, jun I already old. Throughout the &; Waiting for you when you are not in the most beautiful, this is not cherish doesn’t respect her youth and beauty.

& other; Age of China by frost sleet, base concubine can how long. Throughout the &; Years like frost destroy me, how long can such days also endure, while he was still not too old, hurry to find a people who love each other to be together again.

li bai to liu hate to tooth itchy, however, in the letter he wrote for the woman, but will also hate to controlling the woman the same state of mind to write lifelike, & other; Back to her sister-in-law, don’t marry a brother. Throughout the &; Look at the husband’s younger sister, everyone is a woman, so the sister-in-law is very sincere and angrily remind XiaoGuZi: & other; After analyzes the lessons of sister-in-law, like your brother marry don’t marry a man of virtue. Throughout the &;

li bai here, completely replace yourself as a wife, in every way, for her every cry for her, is a scourge oneself, meditate on yourself again.

after brokenhearted of li bai, one side is anger, blame, one side is self-blame, guilt. Is the most primitive state, while the latter is the transformation of the former, sublimation, only stand in each other’s point of view to think about the problem, can get relief. Set yourself & other; Guilty & throughout; , don’t feel myself innocent, will relieve the pain.

the so-called good terms, is really just a decent words, we know that li bai know more.