Li hongzhang thundered against “devils” : the Japanese people, four little demons the shadows

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, born in 1823, anhui hefei people, the world will recognize & other; Li Zhongtang & throughout; , which is also called & other; Hefei li & throughout; .

in the autumn of 1900, in Beijing, the eight with emperor west escape, disappeared after a period of time, life westernization minister li hongzhang and powers on behalf of peace. After the talks, the two sides jointly held a press conference. Suddenly, Japan’s imperial envoys village life of aso use a caustic court, use Chinese characters to show of force, intended to humiliate the qing court. The imperial envoys gloat ground to say: & other; Japan a couplet masters have long out of the top allied, inviting in bottom allied to the public, but for a long time can not, today have to consult a couplet intelligence to the master. Throughout the &; Then he said to li hongzhang, & other; Adult is in today’s Chinese celebrities, heartfelt wish give league. Throughout the &; He flashed a white silk, after it written in Chinese characters, & other; Ride a he, zhang longbow, harps pipa, eight big king, Wang Wang, ChanGe fight alone! Throughout the &; This is divine by means of character, meaning is: the Japanese car, a full bow, unique romance does not have. Light & other; The king & throughout; There are eight, and are the only one like you, can single-handedly stepping over China!

li hongzhang using corner glanced at the 21st, was furious. He forced his anger, a minute is a side out of ink, and command the Japanese imperial envoys ink spread silk, immediately with a scornful look, a lot of fall, silk, coherent, and replies: & other; Japanese people committee, dragon clothing, demons shadows, four little, ghosts made edge, match a hand holds! Throughout the &;

the bottom allied is divine by means of character, and this part, after get fit: Japanese malaise, but want to rob my qing dragon clothes, but is actually & other; Demons throughout the shadows &; Four kinds of imp. The Japanese devils have been made, as I dared attack the central plains, which match a hand to hold it! Li’s literary talent, talent, and their patriotism vividly on the silk. The presence of the Chinese saw this strange, they applaud, deeply central scroll honor for them out of the fully! Japan’s imperial commissioner & other; Steal meters and costly & throughout; But going to go away.