Li Tuo shelling Linda: like qiong precious jade shallow, ignorant, and irresponsible


 in NiHui on June 14, such as, zou ningyuan couple


on June 14, in NiHui, zou ningyuan couple” when the world was young “discussion on the salon, writer Li Tuo criticism Linda and his works.

experts say students misled by the Spanish travel notes; Trigger netizens. Linda is not a few

Beijing news dispatch (reporter ling-ling deng) & other; Linda: it is not a scholar, 2 is not a writer, is not even a reporter, he is at best a very bad amateur author. Who indulge in such an amateur author irresponsible remarks, such a superficial observation, it is a full of prejudice, is filled with the thought of ignorance of large-scale published and sold in China? Throughout the &; Held on Friday at tsinghua university in Beijing, “the call of the Chinese and international brigade: Spain” salon, writer Li Tuo answer questions from students, said a well-known contemporary writer Linda.

last Friday’s salon, the theme is around a contemporary Chinese American scientist NiHui such as, zou ningyuan couples published books on the mainland. “when the world was young.” The book tells the story of NiHui as couples in the nineties to compete in the Spanish civil war of the Chinese volunteers. Photography critic BaoKun is committed to to publish the book introduced the mainland, he thinks the Chinese simplified version of the book publishing and allows us to what is left, what is left there is a dialectical understanding of the historic.

when enter the question session, participated in the activities of the students ask NiHui such as spot says, take part in the Spanish civil war Orwell later wrote “1984” and “animal farm” reflection, NiHui as ever study the communist international and international brigade division. NiHui as say they know about this aspect is not too much. Li Tuo suggest the student to see lee zero analysis “animal farm”, a long document.

embarrassment for the next problem. One reader said Linda couple by the Spanish travel notes, think & other; Inside when it comes to so-called after franco reconciliation, forgiveness and so on throughout the &; , and when the world was young for an ideal spirit calling, & other; May constitute a tension between each other or have a offset each other. Throughout the &;

Li Tuo answered this topic, first of all tell the above the criticism Linda superficial discourse, and to Linda and qiong precious jade, & other; Linda and qiong precious jade of this book, so the shallow popular book, they create confusion, it is very serious. Throughout the &;

the next question is sharp, have students for some time ago “pan’s labyrinth” completely on republican side questioned, says franco died led Spain to democratization process. Field experts said the classmate misled by Linda’s book, not the character and the basic judgment of history, & other; You said franco made great contribution for Spain’s democratization, did you make a mistake? Prince came to power after world war ii, who was later to Spain, after how long? And so long time, franco itself, his identity is called a dictator. Said don’t you go to him for more than twenty years, nearly three decades of dictatorship, suddenly democracy under the pressure, said he finally had to give up dictatorship, said he contribute to democracy, it is completely reversed historical facts. Throughout the &;

netizens reaction

most & other; Pretty & throughout; Linda:

at the time, site & other; And there is not much response & throughout; With 140 words, but Li Tuo criticism on the capacity of the post on weibo, immediately caught the attention of the netizens. Pay attention to the questions and even anger, weibo publisher & other; Guangxi normal university press utopia & throughout; Delete the weibo, yesterday afternoon, and at the scene of the microblog issued Li Tuo all the criticism to Linda. & other; Anyway, hope to have a normal criticism atmosphere. Throughout the &;

for Li Tuo criticism, Internet & other; He lost 1 & throughout; That he & other; Whether take writer and scholar, is a professional or amateur, ridiculous & throughout; . The net friend said, & other; People have the power to interpret the value of their own bias historical events, as long as it’s not fabricated events & throughout; .

history scholars Fan Hong commented: from the perspective of historical research & other; In the face of historical research, Li Tuo is amateur. Throughout the &; He thinks, Li Tuo criticism just & other; Ra & throughout; To Linda as qiong precious jade, this statement itself is not responsible for, & other; Readers are in the heart, Linda that book, however, have their own perspective and vision, how so insignificant? Throughout the &;

value and net friend Linda work of practical value. & other; I am looked at Linda’s travel notes “in Spain, spent a month time go Spain at a time. Throughout the &;

from the point of the current message, comments, most netizens support Linda. Have net friend support Li Tuo. & other; Yes, learn to think, learn to analysis: I think, therefore I am, all people’s dignity lies in thought. Throughout the &; A netizen said on twitter.

this & other; The sudden debate & throughout; , also struck a writer ge fei, he was at the scene of the temperature, so the salon activity. & other; I haven’t paid little attention to Linda’s work, want to buy some books Linda read this time. Throughout the &; Ge fei, told reporters.