Li3 lian2 ying had to play “PS” actually she and a photo of yourself (FIG.)

cixi with li3 lian2 ying in the Summer Palace, the graph is real.

cixi with li3 lian2 ying real photos, left for Cui Yugui, right for li3 lian2 ying.

big eunuch in the qing dynasty li3 lian2 ying, is humble eunuch, but because of the powerful, but the storm, to do everything. He exiled, corrupt greed, is a notorious figures in history. However, li3 lian2 ying also did something confusing.

personal call CenChunXuan of officialdom in the late qing dynasty, the people hate injustice like poison, knead no sand in the eyes, for those who are corrupt officials is anathema, dare to face impeachment. While he is in sichuan province governor, impeachment of more than 300 local officials. He later to the colonial governor of guangdong province, and make out more than 1400 officials leather top hat HuaLing, home farming. It is conceivable that the officials of his hatred.

in 1907, people in Hong Kong has offered one million yuan buy CenChunXuan to step down. A man called shao-bai Chen decided to take a reward, he knew that the queen mother hate most, such as royalists, then, in vain do less idea, Chen finally came up with a recruit: he put the photos and pictures of liang qichao, MaiMengHua CenChunXuan processed, synthesized by an intimate pictures of three people. At that time, the majority of Chinese people are not familiar with photographic technology, plus & other; PS” Technology, of course, more people will believe.

shao-bai Chen first sold to Shanghai media, the photos after they arise and not accept, each big newspaper were re-published, this part from Shanghai to tianjin, finally has been to Beijing, a sensational. At home has been a sensation, but shao-bai Chen did not give up, he found a foreign media has also conducted reproduced, they will reship to domestic media reported abroad. Under this, almost nobody believed not CenChunXuan is royalists. Then, shao-bai Chen and bribe the eunuchs in the palace, arranging the relevant reports and photographs to the empress dowager cixi’s eyes. Cixi so he flew into a rage.

the dowager great anger, CenChunXuan also urgent. How to do? Li3 lian2 ying CenChunXuan thought about her friend. Two people discuss, li3 lian2 ying thought of a dangerous, li3 lian2 ying of the empress dowager cixi immediately to find a good-natured guanyin photo, and tried to their own photos, myself standing behind her, and made a picture for the empress dowager cixi. Cixi a look, there is no such thing! A confused ask li3 lian2 ying, li3 lian2 ying take shao-bai Chen expose the tricks.

this recruit really play a big role, she not only didn’t blame li3 lian2 ying and CenChunXuan, but will also CenChunXuan entrusts with an important task. Li3 lian2 ying’s cunning, at a critical moment, to friends, go this risk, is clearly making fun of his own life, however, he did, and made into.