Liang qichao please brother son marriage A dowry to buy a courtyard

brother liang qichao Liang Qixun

liang qichao continued

son’s marriage, please brother do

& other; GengTie has surface jun agent, please write (flat advocates to slaughter, because of your class with the anniversary couple qi mei, children attend), can be the next & other Full red clamp single post & throughout; Formal, please. Please set Lin Zai flat DaMei already.

hired Lin Lin with a jade seal, according to your mundane the copy is a pair of, so when ZhongShu before purchase wek-jin and fixed, with jun mundane, bought two each one seal carved the bridegroom bride each name. Today is already bought my house, had better is double lins’ m&a to print to send me, but the inconvenience for this requirement, still buy one is from my house. But my family purchased the seals is not engraved badge sound (Lin huiyin formerly known as), but the time & other; Appropriate descendants throughout & long; (tell you prepare couples can general mundane, it carved a auspicious) spiral only four word, please trust your agent buy on sb’s behalf. The printing according to your agent double cpi sorkin of more than three hundred yuan, today I bought one, must be one hundred and fifty yuan, both inside and outside. Another moment investors fear should be 20 or 30 yuan, and trust your agent act as purchasing agency GengTie (although the cost is minimal), may dial eighty yuan to pay your agent to act as purchasing agency seal engraving and various miscellaneous fees. Before tell you agent to each with a & other; An inch of little golden ruyi & throughout; And time-consuming miss, but afraid of custom can be ear (if any, might as well buy ready-made, along with all the trust your agent is).

salute, on the day of the home door is easy to hang a red silk green colour (simple silk is two pieces), ghost go to fathers tell dowry, will hire content in the table, Chen the bi is jiaotong university guest will go to.


is the best in the morning, to rise that is in the home please big bean meal (lunch), by the great please to ask your agent the lins guest for who, together with the invitation first. Name of invitation with my three brothers (with red Cambodia), Ming why things don’t need to book, but with & other Wall and await your instructions & throughout; The wording in the oven. Throughout the &;

this is part of liang qichao’s letter to his brother Liang Qixun.

so, which bring some classical Chinese letter, exactly what was said? Author of liang qichao and XieXi Zhang do for us.

he told the reporters, this letter is to discuss liang sicheng and Lin huiyin engagements.

who do the matchmaker? GengTie how to write? How do different people GengTie Settings? How size GengTie want to use? Resign to hire who read, etc., have been involved in the letter, is very detailed, and the arrangement of each step is very fastidious.

jun ZhuoJunYong refers to lam relatives, zhang cao masters of the republic of China. Lin Zai flat was a famous philosopher, liang qichao close friends.

from the letter, in 1927, liang sicheng and Lin huiyin decided to travel abroad the following year.

liang qichao’s thought, although two people married not in domestic, but the love and marriage can not hasty, plus the Lin Fu soon died. Liang qichao hope this book can solemnly solemn wedding, also give the lins people some emotional comfort.

the liang qichao was sick to the hospital, so write to brother Liang Qixun, arranged the matter please him.

learn through these letters, careful of liang qichao, book for the wedding of considerate, tight, almost every detail.

the arrangement on the letter from liang qichao, this book is grand wedding. All regulation, price, dowry meet both sides of the family identity, belonged to high specifications.

mentioned in the letter of the dowry jade seal, although is just a piece of the dowry, but the price is as high as 150 yuan.

according to 1930 data show that the small building of Beijing at the time the most expensive average price of 400 yuan, a courtyard house an average of 130 yuan.