Liang shiqiu’s love and marriage: alternate goodwill with his wife first met

Wife Cheng Jishu

Cheng Jishu was born in a large house in Beijing, originally from jixi, and the town of hu shi. Her grandfather routine life is music, a former zhili name magistrate, the officer to be honest and clean, leaving the body empty. His father Cheng Peiming is the eldest son in the home, running ink shop in Beijing five mountains lent, cheng family life spending on open a shop. Cheng Jishu mother is her long, & other; Long putting than female & throughout; Running in the housework all day long, lead by example. After the imperial abolished, ink shop business collapsed, John cheng zhai finally collapse. Later, his father went to the commissioner of make a living and die, Cheng Jishu party 9 years old at this time.

young Cheng Jishu endured the hardships of life. After the death of his father, mother and daughter sojourn in uncles home, no economic sources, the embarrassment. Liang shiqiu’s daughter wen qiang once described: & other; Mother maiden population and economy is not abundant, uncles generation have some FanYan with women’s school. Mother tried to thrift, but beg from dropping out of school. Every morning to eat a bowl of cold rice, with no lunch. Each to noon, students gathered to share lunch, mom is right away from, lest be found its predicament. If so for several years. After the Beijing female teachers, accommodation. Beijing winter cold, dormitory no heating. The school regulations, daily water scrubbing the floors and clean finish, water freezes. Every night to a & lsquo; Warmer & rsquo; (copper) hot water for heating, but to no avail. Rick, his legs still cold. Cause in the future & lsquo; This product & rsquo; In the life. Gymnastics class, the school rules to wear all white coat, mum is only a white cloth coat with a blue square. To the uncles for money to buy clothes, will be a reprimand. Born, had great wisdom, doesn’t sleep at night, take out blue cotton weft one by one, passed inspection, comply with the regulations of the school. Throughout the &;

in 1921, graduated from national Beijing women’s higher normal Cheng Jishu later, was as President of the women’s vocational school students the shu zhen to the school as a teacher, this just settle down. At this time, she and liang shiqiu relationship began.


Cheng Jishu had a friend called shu-chen huang. Her father and liang shiqiu’s father is a best friend who never turns his back upon us. Shu-chen huang would like to introduce your friends to liang shiqiu, then Cheng Jishu mother to write a red paper, formal, propose to liang’s. At the time, liang shiqiu also in tsinghua school, came home from school one day and saw that their father has a note on the desk, top write a way: & other; Cheng Jishu, born in jixi, anhui province, 20 years old, and he YinShi born February 17, 1901. Throughout the &; Liang shiqiu move in my heart, to the elder sister asked why. Big sister said, she has to accompany mother too close to the yellow house, saw the routine group. Her good impression of Cheng Jishu: & other; I think she’s quite good, full of gentle, big eyes double-fold eyelid, figure is not high, the waist is very thin, a head of ufa, heap into a bun, a tent to cover the forehead, I’m afraid of what hidden behind that covered the following scar, specially to go in the past, says the side & lsquo; Comb your hair well & rsquo; And lift the tent to see. Throughout the &; Liang shiqiu quickly ask, & other; What is not? Throughout the &; Answer, & other; What also have no. Throughout the &;

liang shiqiu had heart end, also interested in the an unknown woman. He decided to write directly to young lady distance asked whether she is willing to make a friend, but haven’t received a reply. Before long, liang shiqiu suddenly received an anonymous letter in English, told her & other; Don’t be disappointed, the young lady distance now women’s vocational school teaching, can make a phone call to directly contact & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Presumably, this should be written to shu-chen huang. Then, liang shiqiu Cheng Jishu a call. Each other a listen to the name of liang shiqiu, taken a long time didn’t speak. Liang shiqiu is asked to meet a point-blank, Cheng Jishu hesitated along while, finally agreed. Cheng Jishu grew up in Beijing, with authentic Beijing dialect, voice soft and crisp, available & other; Elegant and polished & throughout; To describe.

& have spent

one Saturday afternoon, liang shiqiu on time bead nest outside xuanwu street in the women’s vocational school, shu-chen huang and Cheng Jishu came in together. Shu-chen huang gave them an introduction, we should make an excuse to leave, Cheng Jishu straight to call: & other; You don’t go, you don’t go! Throughout the &; It is clear that she is a very shy person. Like elder sister introduction, Cheng Jishu element face, without, show the beauty of a kind of free from vulgarity. Liang shiqiu is always remember, that day Cheng Jishu wore a pale blue cotton-padded jacket, a black skirt, long on knees. On his feet a pair of black suede cotton, cut a lot of holes, wearing black belt, warm and comfortable. Dress, skirt, alveolus, apparently sewing all by herself. Later Cheng Jishu tell liang shiqiu, she also like the day beam costume & ndash; & ndash; A blue gown, holding cuffs, chest hang tsinghua school crest, wearing a pair of brown shoes. Is also a common student. Two people chatted for a while, liang shiqiu got up to leave, and arranged the time and place to meet next time.

the official start of the two people’s love life. At that time, tsinghua school don’t recruit girls and boys the opportunity to contact with the opposite sex friends seldom. Liang shiqiu every Sunday, rain or shine into the city to be his girlfriend, very is envy. The students called him the & other Sunday sent & throughout; . Liang shiqiu’s three sisters of purple in the normal university to study, and also Cheng Jishu became good friends. Liang shiqiu is admitted at the end of the tsinghua didn’t study for two years. & other; Youth who will swoon during first love, when sleeping, I woke up,, sit, we don’t have a my mind occupied in my heart, always feel blood boiling, stewing, uncomfortable, how can you sink down and read a book? Throughout the &;

liang shiqiu and Cheng Jishu go to the park, watching movies, often someone whistling behind them, even if they don’t whistle, is often an amazing view. Obedient Cheng Jishu put himself completely told the mother love, her mother, don’t blame her, encourage her instead, at the same time also warned her to be careful, lest be seen the uncles. Liang shiqiu’s family originally in addition to the ultraviolet, also nobody knows, but it has happened, one day they hit by liang shiqiu’s father. That day, liang shiqiu, shu-chen huang and Cheng Jishu are park pavilion tea, suddenly found not far from a tea table sat a few friends of his father and his father. Father also saw them coming, liang shiqiu had to introduce two ladies to him. Cheng Jishu not embarrassed, but very correctly answered the old man. After a while, the father generation of liang shiqiu paid a cover charge is gone. Back home, the father said to liang shiqiu, & other I see a young lady distance is very delicate, grace. Throughout the &; Ever since his father often to his pocket money, & other; Take it, you need money now. Throughout the &; Generous and understanding of both parents, the young couple’s relationship smoothly all the way down. Here, liang shiqiu created some love poems and novels, shadow everywhere Cheng Jishu inside.

on August 17, 1923, liang went to the United States. In the meantime, Cheng Jishu uncles have said will give Cheng Jishu matchmaking, will she married, and looking for a good portion of a clerk. Cheng Jishu entrust mild opened eight uncle uncle (Zuan cheng cheng) to other critics, please inform liang huang to parents at the same time, by Liang Guyang formal spoken for. Eight uncle said, & other; You have your heart, we also don’t embarrass you, now all the abandoned idea, after the first three years. Throughout the &; Liang shiqiu and Cheng Jishu originally discussed several contingency plans, eight tertiary reply is the most satisfactory results. Since then, the swan goose, two letters, emotional deepening.

in the summer of 1926, liang shiqiu returned from the United States, apply to the national southeast university taught hosted by hu shi. They decided to settle the first, after half a year’s winter vacation formally marry.