Lin yutang quit interesting fact: three weeks is said to give up smoking thought “dirty”

beam, Lin, it is said that liang and Lin yutang. The two men too many similarities. For example, both in prose masters; More than two people in learning what; Both learning and Chinese and western, proficient in English, I have compiled all chinese-english dictionary or english-chinese dictionary, Lin yutang used languages of both Chinese and English writing, liang shiqiu English literature, Shakespeare. Also, both with the lu a little bit over a period of entanglements, Lin yutang has cosied up to lu xun’s first, and then have deteriorated due to the different, so that there was a time, and mainland China print with lu xun and Lin yutang had a group photo taken photos, not to him, is he is changed into stone. Liang shiqiu is because & other; Literary form & throughout; Open BiZhen with lu xun, lu xun refers to & other; And homeless throughout the &; & other; The capitalists of spent running & throughout; Mainland, so that in the 80 s, before almost no more lintel’s work. Again, it is in the 80 s, liang, two people like Lin & other; Cultural relics throughout the &; Be & other; Discover & throughout; Come out, as & other; Master & throughout; Works, popular, it was not until this century gradually returned to plain.

these similarities, if to be fine and comparative study, every bit must be a long, surely there will be someone to do it. Compare the here is just a detail of their life, which is the former smokers, they adopted a completely different attitude towards smoking and smoking cessation.

there are now some people talk about culture, quite like antique brokers, a mouth like speak & other; Throughout thousands of years &; How, or & other Since the ancient times & throughout; How. As if the more ancient the more valuable, says tobacco is the same. The tobacco industry and even grant project, hope to find a tobacco in China & other; Throughout ancient history &; Proof. In fact, tobacco is not a native, but is widely used. It was introduced into China in the wanli period of Ming dynasty. The song dynasty, the plum & other; A sichuan tobacco, sleeping city wind, yellow plum rain & throughout; With the tobacco swear. For now the passage of cigarettes (called cigarettes) in the past, at best, is more than one hundred years history in China.

beam, era, Mr Lin two start smoking cigarettes has gradually unified & other; Smoke places throughout the &; , but they are in this & other; Gradually & throughout; Phase and the yankees, now take the pie, and pipe and cigar is seen, as for the earlier snuff, hookah, would have been seen, whether also tried, did not dare to predisposed. Smoking in that fashion is a fashion, with the smoke of a Mr Xi is not surprising that, neither brought the endeavor, not a contempt for science. But by the middle of the last century, that is, two gentlemen were successively implemented to quit smoking, smoking is harmful to health, had already been disclosed to science.

Mr Lin’s quitting smoking was a failure. He quit about three weeks & other; Repentance before throughout the &; , is in turn said he quit smoking & other Coma & throughout; , & other; Weak & throughout; And even a & other; The idea of dirty & throughout; . If this over and over again in 20 days, with modern cognitive, addictive nature of nicotine in the tobacco, smokers will make it difficult to get rid of the dependence on tobacco. In recent years, the dependence on tobacco has been confirmed by the world health organization (who) is a chronic disease. Relapsed smokers, does not have the strength of the relationship in willpower or character, especially Mr Lin smoking friends & other; Smoking & throughout; The temptation, so that he and other Withering directing & throughout; , finally, heavy & other; He has throughout the &; And never to give up smoking ever since.

as tobacco dependence patients, and relapse, should find a doctor, to seek help to quit smoking. Mr. Lin is, however, is unwilling to do so. He would not admit his failure, more disdain for help. He advocates self-centered, is a man of his own way. His original conception to quit smoking, probably enlightenment on the dangers of smoking, and found it is not hard to stop smoking. Wait until boil the illusions about nicotine addiction, however, he will find out some kind of rhetoric, for their the relapse is said to be his new enlightenment and return. To prove the rationality of the new return, he intended to find some strong reason to quit for no reason. He said: & other; She read JiaXuan word, “the poem of wall and not smoking, can? Do not deny? Throughout the &; And he said, & other; Who knows, the thesis will happy happy energy, meaning to fly, god mind open-minded, front rhyme flow, party a piece, and also will study, knowing god, chests are not thwarted, fugue, meanwhile, is even read. This kind of mood not smoking should he do? Throughout the &; Such chicanery, interesting in response, like an urchin discursively to find out some reasons & other; Reasons & throughout; For myself & other; Broken vase & throughout; A defence. Imagine of the tang and song dynasty is no tobacco, but when the wall poetry, JiaXuan word, meaning is not to fly, god front hair rhyme flow? ZhuangZhou, the horse moved, qu yuan, Song Yuzhi fu, li bai, Du Fuzhi poetry, dongpo, JiaXuan, wang shifu, Ma Zhiyuan song, which is written by smoking? Writing is not, how much more on reading! But, Mr. Lin thus defended his smoking. You take these as he zhuang language, think that smoking is whole have such a significant relationship with writing, reading, not fooled. He really just want to quit smoking failure in a funny text mixed lai in the past. This is a small side in his character. His advocate of humor, loving, not the different temperaments. , of course, at that time of the risks of smoking is not as it is today, otherwise, Lin when I wouldn’t call him by his daughter smoking & other; You try it & throughout; .

Mr Liang, seems to be more reserved, serious, unlike Mr Lin more influenced by zhuang zi, like Lin articles such as powerful and unconstrained style, arrogant, informal, and beam it fine rigorous, fluent euphemism, although they all appreciate the humor.

Mr Liang just gave up smoking a life, from now on never smoked. Is not smoking, not according to his own, he when the quitting, has a history of decades of smoking, smoking has risen from a pack a day, in turn, two packs, once again to listen to. A listen to is 50, addiction is big. But, he did not choose & other; Auspicious day & throughout; And no & other; Gen room throughout the &; , just the old, together, the rest of the cigarette thrown into the trash, cigarette holder, lighters, pipes, tobacco package will give others. Then has carried on by smoking, brothers, but finally didn’t suck, a success.

if of articles, I prefer Mr Lin yutang’s text, if of smoking, I appreciate Mr Liang more such attitude: & other; I smoke suction for decades, the last to change a breath of air at no cost. If someone’s mouth smoking in public places, or spray poison fog straight to my in front, I was heading for the hills, in the mind inwardly curse: & lsquo; I used to is the appearance of this pair of hate! & rsquo; Throughout the &;

I appreciate this attitude, because I have had several decades of smoking history, there have been such introspection, but because of my life, seen too much death & ndash; & ndash; For the sake of smoking. China’s tobacco industry celebrities like to tell the story of smoking, but they never mentioned that Mr Liang this conforms to the modern concept of cognition and attitude. Strange!