Lirong ordinary for the last ten years: select portrait don’t let the child worried

if speaking of performing artists lirong left the world in 2000, at that time doesn’t seem to react to come over. Whenever possible, especially at the feast, the figure of the old man, always remain time and time again on the television screen, let a person feel her smiling face, a familiar is still close to the people of this world. This week, in the last decade in lirong with little babysitter had written about their new book “the last decade lirong”, by jiangsu literature and art publishing house. Book, has become a cultural symbol lirong is added carved by glaciers, silhouette, a thrift, love, wisdom, strong and humorous old man vivid up increasingly in the sheet. Such as lirong the & in the other I am a common people, to ordinary, ordinary ground to walk & throughout; , this is a vivid, so warm and precious originates from life.

at the beginning of 1990 to nanny ya-jing zhang lirong Beijing suburbs yard, or a young girl I had just graduated from high school. In & other; Small hometown & throughout; Identity with lirong, the text also show mutual support between the younger generation and their elders. Ya-jing zhang is a man of heart, that time is in the form of a diary note with lirong the memorable moments of life, including lirong type simple words of wisdom. In YaJing burning fire resistance, said anything when he found stuffed with chopping wood does not burn, lirong told her & other; To virtual to real, the fire & throughout; ; Refused to an enterprise to pay big money show, in the face of YaJing, lirong told her & other; Keen on gaining petty advantages suffer, sensitivity to shame & throughout; . Book also have the optimistic with a lonely old man in later life, such as ni ping ya-jing zhang record a conversation with lirong. Ni ping jokes, & other; Zhao Ma, you single so many years, also don’t want to find a spouse? Throughout the &; & other; What do you want to find a spouse? Throughout the &; Lirong replied: & other; Just want to find a spouse as my wife. Throughout the &;

in between the two-bedroom apartment buildings in the city and suburban yard lirong in later life, in addition to performance, etc., most of the flowers, such as cleaning, cooking, chat again flowing and ordinary things. There is no lack of the book’s & other; Pyrotechnic gas & throughout; Details of life, and the whole of China didn’t have a few people don’t know the big celebrities, has been internalized as frugal life habit, also happily. & other; In the small yard, there is a buried half coarse porcelain small cylinder, is used to store up special fertilizer use. The fertilizer from the chicken bones, bones in the kitchen, there are some leftovers, etc., until after fermentation with these natural fertilizers to feed the plants and trees. Picked eating pomegranates, chew red hawthorn, is pure natural green food. She also taught me how to use the rest of the water wash dish to water the flowers, use the laundry water to scrub the floor of the room, etc. Throughout the &;

and lirong was diagnosed with cancer, after the last more than a year of life, also is a person cry. Such as lirong choose portrait section. & other; See grandma is from cabinets move album, with five photo album, each decorated with hundreds of photo album, she is illuminated and stills, was a photograph of her youth, middle age and old age & hellip; & hellip; Small static, you see this picture? Can see in the picture with a blessing of & hellip; & hellip; I think for a moment to let’s studio enlarge a nearby, stay up, once I have that day, and then take out, don’t let the children in a hurry. Throughout the &; And as lirong tend to tenaciously cling to the four courses of chemotherapy, grit your teeth and put the food into his mouth, threw up, grit your teeth and eat some food, doctors say she can do this persistence has hit a record, the hospital lirong while still does not forget wittily and doctors are kidding, & other; Before the enemy to the sister jiang to torture, and finally wear bamboo stick in sister jiang fingertips, how cruel. Let me see, not that kind of criminal law, with chemotherapy to confession effect will be better. Throughout the &;

write down these words ya-jing zhang, is now an editor, also has joined writers association in tianjin. With lirong decade, lirong continue to encourage her to study, study, the nature is another story. And in the book, lirong covered her the story of the last decade, that’s not what she seems to have be & other; Squashed & throughout; On the TV culture symbol, and become a symbol of the most simple but life, optimistic, kind, integrity, intelligence, as if it is the most familiar warm smiling face.