Literary honour LeiShuYan: ink for writing poetry The axe can’t cut down

& other; A unique poetry and rest, Chinese parnassus today the poem of a bright star has fallen. Throughout the &; Poet LeiShuYan died, let literary critic Li Bingyin misty-eyed.

at 1 am on February 14, 31 points, outstanding contemporary poets, writers LeiShuYan heal is invalid due to illness, to the end of your life, at the age of 71.

on Jan. 16, he was invited by the People’s Daily for 20 years in writing. At the end, he wrote: & other; We are trying to complete a & lsquo; the whole nation The Chinese dream & rsquo; . This is one thousand years, the people with lofty ideals countless, blood, strive for a dream. Dear, twenty years later I hope you can have the honor to receive this letter. Throughout the &; Now, this letter can only be sent to heaven, carry on the literature and the thoughts and respect the readers.

& other; Is the name of the bell sounds throughout the &; Name, LeiShuYan poetry

professor at northwestern university Zhang Xiao review is LeiShuYan university students, and other In school, I felt a lot of things he can be found earlier than others, faster. He was very diligent, always keep a small notebook in his pocket, heard a word of what interested in to see a picture, he would write down, become the creation of material library. Throughout the &; Zhang Xiao review that LeiShuYan already had the qualities to be a good poet.

& other; Is the name of the bell sounds throughout the &; , this is LeiShuYan verse. Li Bingyin thinks, LeiShuYan name is poetry, & other; Clock in, there will be a sound; Poems in, there will be a chanting. LeiShuYan will live forever in Chinese poetry. Throughout the &;

in Li Bingyin view, & other; LeiShuYan & throughout; Symbol is a unique name, he with “the grass is singing” “air” “river of parents” “the sun”, “farewell to eternity,” such as psalm closely linked together. He spoke of his poetry as the road of life & other; Scratch & throughout; , with the grass, or marks on the leaves, even like ripples appear and disappear in the river. But no matter how, his poems have a distinct personality.

& other; He is now very few really have a poet and poetry poet. Throughout the &; Li Bingyin concluded.

invested in poetry with the passion of the life, so LeiShuYan always pay close attention to parnassus movements. Poetry in 2013, “the star” by a magazine is extended, the three “stars” poetry editor and LeiShuYan liangping more than twenty days ago, when on the phone LeiShuYan mention the move is a big deal, poetry is a big action. Liang Pingshui: & other; Now Mr Go, also don’t know whether he saw the new magazine? I wish he could see, really hope this he can care about the publication of accompanied him all the way walk good. Throughout the &;

LeiShuYan is sensitive to the new tendency of parnassus maintained. In March 2012, he is second grade student Zhao Re every children’s poetry anthology “moon rusted” write reviews, and puts forward earnestly look forward to: & other; Writing, children should keep its original, like filling up water clouds, let the rain he landed. I have read many of the children’s works, obviously after adult of so-called & lsquo; Modify & rsquo; And & lsquo; Processing & rsquo; . You feel like the rain & lsquo; Artificial rain & rsquo; , very natural, and adult & lsquo; The bag & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

love well, the cutting of accountability. He once pain Chen now part of the poet’s lack of a sound personality and strong sense of responsibility, sense of mission, the lack of a thick life and true investment, lack of depth and strength; For fads & other; Network throughout the body &; , & other Weibo body & throughout; Poetry, he points out that’s like a disco, want how to twist, just how twisted, and reader required good poetry are two different things.

& other; Ink for writing poetry, axe also cannot cut down! Writing poems should be careful! Throughout the &; He once told fellow.

poet Wang Jiuxin remember, during a symposium on archaism poetry, it was LeiShuYan turn to speak, he will be prepared speeches, primly said: & other; Today to attend the meeting of all poets, had no junior high and are equal before the poem, to poetry. But if you make such a podium, according to the official position of qualifying, is that still on poetry? Throughout the &;

& other; This creature, this honor, what a hero! Throughout the &; Wang Jiuxin laments.

for poem provides a scorching heat

literary critics think LeiShuYan radar left a fortune in the history of literature. Radar, said LeiShuYan “the grass is singing” is a loud cry, to emphasize people break thought fog, & other; His poetry creation, conform to the trend of our hearts and remembered by the Chinese readers, remembered by history. He should feel happy and glorious. Throughout the &;

chongqing university of science and technology institute of art and literature, “new poetry” editor’s winter that LeiShuYan are able to grow into a tree evergreen tree poetry, the secret lies in his life is the highest view of poetry writing. LeiShuYan committed to express life consciousness awakening and enlightenment. Successive torture along this direction, and his life, the major series of propositions, such as with eternal moment, the life and death, the urban life experience and experience village life. This process, the LeiShuYan poetry further to the attention of individual experience to the life world, guileless apt language expression, contribute his wisdom of life, people to open up a new poetry sound path.

academy nankai university professor Luo Zhenya admits, starting from the university, your growth process always have a poetry LeiShuYan company. LeiShuYan, in his opinion, the most poems are quality and weight of the writing, they cut the time in the form of art and the human conscience, to construct a contemporary history of the nation, has floated upon the stream of time to eternity.

& other; LeiShuYan poetry for poem provides a scorching heat, a kind of deep and the direction of the atmosphere, a & lsquo; Force & rsquo; The beauty and shock. Poets of the earth and deep feeling of the motherland, the spirit of sincere noble personality, and his literary experience and performance of the rich, has become a spiritual symbol of contemporary Chinese poetry. Throughout the &; Luo Zhenya said.

Zhang Xiao review found, & other; Bridge & throughout; Is one of the important image LeiShuYan poetry creation, which happens to be the poet’s self symbol, & other; He connected on both ends of the traditional and modern, coming from a traditional, walked to the modern. His poems are both the soil and the modern, with deep in the sincere, in the atmosphere contains witty. Throughout the &;

1, 1981 issue of journal of northwestern university, published Zhang Xiao review, titled “the real & middot; simplicity & middot; meaningful & ndash; & ndash; read LeiShuYan’s poem” in recent years. At that time he was aware, LeiShuYan creation has a rare sense of humor, & other; And look at his “philosophy” : & lsquo; Someone said to the farmer:/give you a well-bred,/it can grow a piece of gold.//farmers answer with a smile: thank you,/can germinate,/please first to identify soil. & rsquo; This is not a full discussion of truth standard farmer’s wit and humor to answer? Throughout the &;

even a short poem, full of era fenglei storage. LeiShuYan once in an interview with: & other; Now the poem of insufficient rigidity. A lot of people can write love songs, and write & lsquo; Warsong & rsquo; And & lsquo; The national anthem & rsquo; Not many people. Throughout the &; Now, he has ethos, & other; Warsong & throughout; And & other The national anthem & throughout; Write for posterity, singing.

(our reporter wang)