“Liu didn’t read” misunderstanding xiang yu was handed down the art of war

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here, xiang yu

here, xiang yu stone

& other; The cultural revolution & throughout; & other; Paying & throughout; Chapter, rumours that the tang dynasty poet Jie “pit book-burning” a poem, the full text is as follows:
Empty handed smoke, emperor industry GuanHe lock archosaur. Pit grey not cold shandong disorderly, liu didn’t read a book.
At that time, people is right & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; The early & other; Broken capitalism & throughout; Remember, this poem could be spread, is a relatively special cases. Finally the poem for chairman MAO, in 1945, will read this with Mr Visit yan fu sinian, liberation and have written it for two times, this is a poem to & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; In this particular period spread another important reason.
Now I mention this poem, is not to talk about chairman MAO or others evaluation of it, but to identify people to rate a myth in the history.
& other; Liu item didn’t read & throughout; The premise of this verse, it is recognized and xiang yu is not reading the clown. Liu is a rogue without reading when he was young, but don’t think xiang is a rugged, is misunderstanding. From literature basis for, the misunderstanding come from “the historical records & middot; biographic sketches of xiang yu” a, “biographic sketches of xiang yu” in narrative learning experiences as a young xiang yu said:
& other; XiangJi youth, do not learn books, go to; Learning this, not again. A beam of wrath. Cadastral yue: & lsquo; The book is enough to registered name. Sword one enemy, lack of study, study, ten thousand people. & rsquo; So a beam is taught the art of war, big, just know its meaning, again is not willing to learn. Throughout the &; (press: & other; Go & throughout; After word of punctuation usually do not add) if only from the historical records & middot; biographic sketches of xiang yu the recorded the literal, seems to be so. But in the history of xiang yu is a no learning without yoriko? Obviously not. In terms of the part a, according to the existing literature, xiang yu was not only study hard, and have a good result, in the han dynasty, xiang yu and even art works handed down from ancient times.
Check “han & middot; han & middot; art” & other; Soldiers throughout the home & situation; Genus of & other; “The king” one. Throughout the &; Since the ban gu note: & other; Name. Throughout the &; & other; King & throughout; And & other; A cadastral & throughout; , from the han people, it can’t be others, can be to xiang yu. The record shows that xiang yu not only familiar with the art of war, and works in later generations.
“Han & middot; han & middot; war” will be divided into & other; Soldier machiavellian throughout the home &; , & other Soldiers throughout the home & situation; , & other The soldiers throughout the yin-yang school &; , & other Soldier techniques throughout the home &; Four classes. “Han & middot; han dynasty for & other; Soldier machiavellian throughout the home &; Summary: & other; Machiavellian, are keep countries to fight, meter first and then war, and the situation of package of Yin and Yang, also use skills. Throughout the &; For & other; Soldiers throughout the home & situation; Summary: & other; Situation, willy wind, backwardness and first to clutch back township, capricious, enemies are in a dive to light. Throughout the &; For & other; The soldiers throughout the yin-yang school &; Summary: & other; Push, Yin and Yang, the chronological and punishment, with the bucket, for five wins and false spirits but also for help. Throughout the &; For & other; Soldier techniques throughout the home &; Summary: & other; Skills, xi brothers, equipment and product organs, with the state advances the winner also. Throughout the &;
From the above han people and other A town & throughout; Classification can be seen, xiang yu himself is proficient in the war for specific mastery and use of strategy and tactics. From the eloquent appraisals appended to xiang yu’s account of his life story, xiang yu for & other; Throughout the tactics &; Really not good at.
So, “han & middot; han dynasty on the works of the xiang zi to relevant and reliable? According to “han & middot; han & middot; art slightly after the preface: & other; Han xing, zhang liang, Han Xinxu times of war, eighty-two, delete to use, set the thirty-five. The lv ’emotions and steal. When emperor wudi, military and political Yang Piao Jun orphan have escape, ji played soldier, still failed to prepare. As for filial piety, life as a confession time into four worth doing. Throughout the &;
As everybody knows, “han & middot; han dynasty carries all the royal library. From the point of the recording, the part of the war, is the early han zhang liang, han xin, and into the emperor, emperor wudi after school by the central competent military and civilian officials, origin narration so clear, when no administration. According to the above knowable, xiang yu & other; Soldiers throughout the situation &; On the authenticity of works should be no doubt.
Read shiji, known too history Mr Meant, is not learn of king, but it said their personality. In & other; Learn the sword & throughout; , according to the biographic sketches of xiang yu, xiang yu in the end, the children of judah & other; Break through enemy blockade, cut will mow flag & throughout; Three fell, the han army, to show great power. Thus, the youth have to & other; Do not learn sword & throughout; The person?
Mencius said: & other; Not on words, not to resign, the inverse, intended for. Throughout the &; Jie! Good readers, so yeah.
(the author is the faculty of arts professor of communication university of China)