Liuyang man spent 10 years with the natural pictograph man-han banquet (FIG.)

liuyang man spent 10 years with the natural pictograph man-han banquet (figure)

dongpo pork, crystal dumplings, steamed eggplant & hellip; & hellip; If the citizens of hunan liuyang jiang bin when you eat this road & other; Delicious food & throughout; Mouth, must not impatient, because these lifelike & other; Dinner & throughout; , it is made from natural stone, even if you have a beak steel teeth, also can only do look drooling. A few days ago, we made a special trip & other; Throughout the party &; Liuyang, & other; Tasting & throughout; The man spent 10 years, made of & other; Man-han banquet & throughout; .

& other; You see, this is the nature of the ghost that viewing, they are all natural pictograph. Throughout the &; When jiang bin left hand picked up a dish & other; Steamed eggplant & throughout; , the right hand holding a plate & other; Cool and refreshing cucumber & throughout; Introduce to us. To look at, two & other; Eggplant & throughout; The color and shape, like just out of the pot. And the other a plate & other; Cucumber & throughout; , the same image is clear, if not know in advance, maybe I will clip together eat a bite. & other; Compared with real food, they are without fragrance, but also will never spoil. Throughout the &; Jiang bin said.

when jiang bin love of stone comes from a chance encounter. When I was a child, he always like and friend together, swim, catch fish in the hometown of liuyang river. One day, he accidentally picked up a stone, like a lotus segments, is very beautiful. From then on, he addicted to collect stones. & other; The chicken insect & throughout; , a fuzzy chick is peck insects, worms are bent forward is desperately trying to escape. & other; Innocent playmates & throughout; Clear, smooth stone two children are play combat. Like the painted realistic pattern. Jiang bin said, the two pieces of precious stones are in excavation of the liuyang river. (the author Jack Yang Liang Lou)