Live guo wang ching-wei 4 s site homes worth hundreds of millions of (FIG.)

hermes laptop several, LV purse a dozen, all kinds of luxury alongside the body & hellip; & hellip; Which is in the weibo everyday, guo jingming, openly flaunt wealth. The small times hit, and he once again pushed to the forefront. Cast a lamp and 30, ten thousand yuan, literally hundreds of thousands of yuan a package, drink a water are expensive glass & hellip; & hellip; This is, guo’s movie. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, guo in life is almost surrounded by lying in luxury, he also buy hundreds of millions of dollars worth of four aunts too Shanghai site. Into the guo’s home, I dare not walk, have friends feeling afraid carelessly trampled expensive carpet.

Excessive exquisite

glass dozen

although his novels have a lot of loyal readers, his income annually ranks the top of the author list, but he in weibo and various occasions flaunt wealth by many bristle, continues the bristle to his extravagant habits into is the hit movie “tiny times.

A friend of

journalist, said guo how suite in Shanghai, and now he lives in is located in jing ‘an district 4 s site of the original wang ching-wei, worth several hundred million yuan, there three townhouse is his, is the house, and the company, lounge, etc.

& other; In his living room more let a person think he is the glass cup, but actually he is just a variety of different water with different cups. Throughout the &; The friend told reporters, guo drink cola, red wine, white water, sparkling water, champagne, all want to use different cups, often let the assistant with the xyz cup to a cup of water.


tea table over millions of

& other; I the deepest impression is his home decorations much more special, he loved, the lounge is European and American luxury wind, the head of the big droplight is really let a person dare not look straight, the whole crystal, a circle of ruby. Throughout the &; According to the friend, guo home of the symbolic value of crystalline light in 450000, but haven’t calculate the price of rubies.

not only such, & other; He is the tea table of Kenzo comes, more than one hundred, is more precious than armani. Throughout the &;

in addition, the orphan works abroad brand sofa, now probably already is priceless. Thousands of carpet, as well as any decoration is five digits.

heart has wronged

Don’t moral kidnapping

some people say that excessive pursuit of luxury is a kind of disease, but & other; Sick & throughout; Guo happened is the first time as soon as the director for three days at the box office two hundred million & other; The saliva throughout the &; , in which the question is still the luxury to be scold intrinsic values are incorrect.

to claim that his first when the director, is willing to listen, including art gimmick, director feelings, & other; This all can go to discuss, I would go to improve. But since the movie is also a dream maker, in a dark theater, two hours to feel the power of the young, feel the power of a dream, is it not? Sometimes see some unfair criticism, I can have a little depressed. Throughout the &;

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