Lonely life: the last of the queen empress wanrong often after bath to hear himself sing

lonely life: the last of the queen empress wanrong often after bath narcissistic


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the article “in the last eunuch sun biography author: jia press: people’s literature publishing house

empress wanrong

& other; Master zhuang to! Throughout the &; The eunuch to a newsletter, and sun quickly got up and leave empress wanrong.

& other; Master, master zhuang. Throughout the &; & other; Please welcome. Throughout the &; Empress wanrong abnormal happy.

at this point, the foreign teacher & ndash; & ndash; Bound), wearing long gowns and mandarin jackets, wearing a dark hat, “said the rawness of Chinese went into the palace of gathering excellence.

see empress wanrong, he did not follow the house rules do what gift, just hands fuels, made a eunuchs feel a bit funny & other; Yi & throughout; .

& other; The queen’s good & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

& other; Good, good, sit down, please. Throughout the &; Hear his blunt, Chinese empress wanrong le.

& other; Today the weather good, I want to take pictures for you, ok? Throughout the &; Bound), after everyone talked about empress wanrong had asked him to take photos of things.

& other; That is too good, very good! Throughout the &; Empress wanrong hilarious. & other; Wait me to change my clothes & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; So she is getting up.

& other; You please! Throughout the &; See, sun is bound on the brew a cup of jasmine tea.

after a while, empress wanrong came out. She dressed in manchu cheongsam, put on a pair of high heels flowerpot shoes, women of Dan plug, wearing & other; Kowloon throughout four chicken &; The pearls and jade rockhopper, with rare beaming. & other; Please, master zhuang & throughout; Empress wanrong abnormal said with respect.

& have spent

lonely life: the last of the queen empress wanrong often after bath narcissistic


shenzhen news publication time: 2011-12-19 09:53

in the courtyard, empress wanrong end station before flower, bound) pick up camera, his mouth still chanting: & other; Don’t move, don’t move & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Taking & other; his word, Click & throughout; Press the shutter.

& other; Good! Throughout the &; The head up bound).

& other; , the master zhuang, I entered the room to change a clothes, you wait for a while. Throughout the &; She quickly back to the house in the dark green cheongsam of the other one with a dark chicken to come out, but this is her usual favorite dress.

so, in the room, before the house, tree an inferior place, bound for empress wanrong took many photos. Therefore, the empress wanrong happy for several days, every day looking forward to the wash good photographs that will be delivered to the palace of gathering excellence. After the photos sent, empress wanrong still let maid-in-waiting, eunuchs to appreciation for quite a while. & other; Luo luo luo, luo luo luo & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; About the empress wanrong ChuXiu house happy laughter.

seems to be a habit, night, empress wanrong back to the dormitory, then let hair Liu Ma unplug women act the role ofing, on his head and then back to amidst the sit, bedtime, called all the humans stand on the side.

& other; To eat you! Throughout the &;

she called sun took out from the MinHang anyone a foreign firm bought the sugar, spread on the ground, let everybody to rob, she sat in the chair, wordlessly look lively.

& other; These foreign sugar, less speak flew the ocean a kilo. Throughout the &;