Longquan possessors on thousands of farmers become “” celadon workers: much better than farming

& other; Longquan celadon has 1700 years of history, this process is called glaze, I work can make the firing of porcelain surface is smooth and fine, colorful. From the early celadon greenish yellow, yellow to blue wait for color, later more shallow, but longquan celadon are all in green, both heaven, green hill, green water, all kinds of jade quality & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; March 31, in zhejiang tianfeng ceramics co., LTD., production workshop, celadon mechanic Xu Longgen sophisticated work, while, brilliantly to visiting tourists.

Xu Longgen is in source possessors bottom village, used to farming. Since celadon possessors town industrial park built in a day after getting up, Xu Longgen hoes cultivator, farming is no longer back, but a cycle to celadon workshop work, and as the possessors & other; Throughout Chinese celadon town &; Improvement of awareness, he also became the celadon narrator, spreading celadon culture.

& other; It’s much better than at home farming. Rain or shine, every day to do. Now I have more than three thousand yuan income every month. Throughout the &; Xu Longgen said, & other; Many tourists also specially to see us, they say we are one thousand & quot; The heritage & quot; Folk art heritage? Throughout the &;

the possessors town party secretary Lin Xianlong said, the town has more than 40 celadon production companies, like Xu Longgen, the whole town of more than 1000 farmers become skilled workers in the factory, make the culture of money at home.

this year 45 Xu Aihua is wood adai village people, in their village, two-thirds of the women to get a job at the celadon factory, from housewife to culture industry. Xu said love flower heart, at this age, the city retired faster, and they started to work for the first time in my life, gets his pay each month.

tianfeng said fuschia ling, director of the company, the company existing staff 180 people, more than 90% of whom are local farmers. & other; I chose investing here, an important reason is that the human resources. The possessors has a long tradition of porcelain manufacture, local farmers came to our factory, only need to training a week can mount guard. Throughout the &;