Lost: the trend of deyang chao fan complex process Can’t the breadwinner inheritance

two deyang chao fan production per capita, said the traditional production craft & other; When food & throughout;

& other; Inheritance of few people, also in production is a handful. By doing tide fan can’t be breadwinners. Throughout the &; Recently, the deyang tide of the fourth generation successor Gong Dejiang said. Deyang chao fan from chaozhou, guangdong province, since the late qing dynasty in deyang, the improved after become a special skill in sichuan province.

essence: a one-year for more than 100 fans

recently, in deyang stone carving a called & other; Qin bamboo xuan & throughout; Artist studio, the first few rows of deyang chao fan is placed on the wall. & other; Complete a deyang chao fan, must have both MieJiang, limner craft. Throughout the &; Is drawing a sectoral Gong Dejiang introduction, previously, chao fan factory is the production line, each person is responsible for only one of them, many people can’t complete production of a fan.

Gong Dejiang said, usually a skilled need 4 days to complete a fan. Each must go through material selection, fan the boom box, drag bamboo filament, painting sector and into the door frame and crane must be more than 30 working procedure. & other; Contour, sector into a door frame and painting the craft. Throughout the &;

4 ~ 6 months a year, a Gong Dejiang will collect fresh bamboo, producing more than 100 fanned the tide. & other; When the restraint is continues the tradition of the old. Throughout the &; Gong Dejiang said, one is bamboo has the best at this time, the second is to make the season just in time for the fan of the pin. Do the fan, then according to customer needs, in the above drawing figures, landscape, or flowers. & other; Sometimes pin faster, and more than 100 the pin out soon. Throughout the &;

today, deyang chao fan is more as a gift or collection, is no longer enjoy the cool of the fan.

& other; We are only free time at home making fan, can do that is more than 100 each year. Throughout the &; Opened a real estate agent outlets Yang Zhanyong said, making chao fan just in order not to let craft disappear. & other; Current tide is mill production at home, there is really no how much revenue. Throughout the &;

in 1999, after Yang Zhanyong laid-off, follow father Yang Gongyuan study the making craft of deyang chao fan. & other; One is to see his father at an early age, like; 2 it is to want to put the skills passed down. Throughout the &;

once brilliant, as a country gift giving to multiple countries

Gong Dejiang, according to the introduction of deyang GongShan collection in 1892, fujian xianyou county magistrate of a county BaoShanCheng retired royal, back to the time of the deyang county, guangdong chao fan back to 5. Vendor bao-cheng li discovered, concentrated thinking, combined with local & other; Throughout the paper fan &; Technology, to produce the first deyang fan. Bao-cheng li trial-manufacture of welcome, he takes the possession of the fan. Later, someone bring deyang chao fan to the queen mother. Cixi hence the oracle sichuan governor, deyang chao fan 100 cable. From then on, deyang chao fan to fame. In the 1930 s, deyang city there are 33 tide fan zhuang, around 1938, the annual output of about 7000.

according to “the deyang county annals” records, in 1956 was a special batch of high-quality goods deyang chao fan, as a country gift giving the Soviet union, Romania, India and other countries. Gong Dejiang introduction, in the mid – 1960 – s, deyang city tung street, street are doing tide fan shop, on-the-job personnel more than 1000 people at that time. In March 2007, deyang chao fan traditional process was awarded the certificate of intangible cultural heritage of sichuan province. In December 2008, the province cultural department named Gong Dejiang deyang chao fan the representative inheritance of traditional craft.

inheritance difficult: process is complex and not & other; When food & throughout;

in recent years, worried Gong Dejiang, own a pair of old, but still almost nobody learn this craft, it is said that the job is too bitter too tired, do no false, and there is no economic benefit. Gong Dejiang talk to daughter gong books many times, after 80, the daughter of answer: every time before & other; I graduated from university, has a stable job. Why to do the fan, paint can? The fan and earn a lot of money. Throughout the &;

business schools in sichuan province as a art teacher gong book said: & other; Dad do many work, then feel deyang tide lost it’s too bad, so the answer should try a try. Throughout the &; In 2010, gong books under the guidance of parents first attempt at making deyang fan. Nowadays, gong book can already in fan father independently under the guidance of a boom.

& other; Now our house is my father and I do deyang chao fan, young people are not willing to learn. Throughout the &; Yang Zhanyong introduction, making a fan to three or four days. & other; Although the cost is not high, but the process is complex, exquisite workmanship, rarely have the patience to ordinary people. Throughout the &; Yang Zhanyong also thinks, deyang tide corresponding customer base is very limited, and now can’t make the traditional craft and & other When food & throughout; .

in mianzhu New Year pictures, deyang tide fan why inheritance difficult? Yang Zhanyong analysis: a new technology without chao fan complex, chao fan need to more than 30 craft, a tide of fan cost around 500 yuan. Mianzhu New Year high, medium and low-end has; Tide is limited to medium and high-end, belong to arts and crafts and collectibles. By the people who master the skills of a complete set of less than 20 people, also leaves Gong Guhe Yang’s in production.

Gong Guhe Yang Gujun said that they will continue to make deyang fan.