Lovelorn museum in Shanghai next year won Europe’s most creative award


1. Exhibition hall hangs a SKYPE logo painted a clock, its donors put the pointer at 4 PM, and write a & other; Break up in SKYPE” The words. She tell their stories like this: & other; We communicate in a variety of ways such as E-mail, phone, SKYPE, but eventually split up on SKYPE. Throughout the &;

2. An American women donate iron. She said, & other I have used the iron my dress, but now nothing but it left. Throughout the &;

3. It used to master bought this axe after brokenhearted, furniture will be split into pieces. The German women humorously wrote in description & other; The split, the less they my frustration. In this way, the axe was promoted to a therapy instrument. Throughout the &;

museum is located in the Croatian capital Zagreb, museum is the world’s unique love theme.

according to report of xinhua news agency as the valentine’s day is coming, flowers, chocolate, popular, also sending out the filar silk is sweet in the air. For lovers of Croatia, valentine’s day is also a love story to share others place & ndash; & ndash; Lovelorn museum. On the eve of valentine’s day, the reporter to interview, the museum was built in 2006, according to staff these days, the people who come to visit here increased obviously.

won & other; Throughout Europe award for the most creative museum &;

museum is located in the Croatian capital SaGeLeBu uptown, covers an area of small, only a few hundred square meters, but it is the world’s unique love theme museum, currently has around the world lovelorn person donated exhibits more than 1000, perennial exhibition has hundred pieces. At present the museum has been held in 25 cities in 17 countries exhibition, visitors millions visits, was awarded the 2011 & other; Throughout Europe award for the most creative museum &; .