Lu xun had very “beauty” Chen: he is really advanced practitioners

a lot of people are familiar with as ZaWenGu, lu xun’s image such as spears and daggers, serious, rational, and full of combat effectiveness, viciously.

17, lu xun museum curator, renmin university of China, dean of the college of arts Sun Yulai han speech, had an interview with our reporter said: lu xun also have leisure, the side of the game, a collection of thousands of pieces of paintings, stone carving and calligraphy, homemade bookplate, longer woodcut printmaking, has extremely high attainments in art appreciation. Lu xun regularly bubble in the bookstore, buy books, brochures, home tilt in the armchairs, read slowly.

today, let us closer to fight & other; Lu xun art & throughout; .

wu guanzhong when it comes to lu xun’s excited

school of the arts, lu xun don’t day in his era, China this kind of colleges is still in its infancy. New novel published from 1918 to 1936, died of lu xun’s literature career open less than 20 years, with no more than one over ten of the energy and time to collect paintings, art appreciation, make the artist, but in the art of deep, bear fruit beyond people imagine.

Sun Yu introduction, in more than 60 years, China’s literary education rarely mention the relationship between lu xun and art, occasionally about lu xun in university of art and art, also confined to modern printmaking. Lu xun collection of the six dynasties, the han dynasty sculpture very much, qin and han dynasties eaves tiles or too little. Lu xun zang han dynasty statues from more than 600, the Russian prints more than 2000. He chose to hide the statues of special atmosphere, there is no song Ming withering of elephant in the painting, very bright. He also collect a variety of the six dynasties epitaph, rubbing, organize a large amount of relevant inscriptions. His collection of visual field is very wide, European collections in the majority with Germany and Russia. He influenced deeply by Germany in modern philosophy, aesthetic is very close to kafka. Lu a little bit Chinese experience, collect a lot of float world draw. He pointed out that after widely with the Japanese edo period of float world draw is the result of imitation of han dynasty statues.

collection by lu xun Britain Beardsley, Germany glass and so on, has become a popular saying in the history of Chinese modern art history. Most importantly, he translated a lot of Russian prints, before and after the 1930 s in China provides a rare to find a spiritual sustenance, stimulate the creation a lot of young people, such as later Mr Ding Cong very famous. Many modern painters have a special liking to lu xun, wu guanzhong is really excited when it comes to lu xun.

in & other; Fighting & throughout; Life, lu xun in idle down in painter heap, mix with art as business. According to lu xun readme, lack time he is under the desk to depict the “all men are brothers” and “journey to the west” and other folk embroidered portrait, so that product into more, sell XiaoTong Township for money.

value of art as literature

Sun Yuceng invited a famous painter Chen to the lu xun museum speak & other; Lu xun and art & throughout; . Chen said: & other; In literary and artistic expression of the republic of China, I can read lu xun is a the most understand painting, insight, discussing the most compelling, is a really advanced practitioners, at the same time, is skilled in selected objects. Throughout the &;

in 1998, held the guggenheim in New York’s museum of modern art in the western world the first China art festival, to visit of Chen surprise, left-wing woodcut including lu xun, a few pieces of book binding design, & other; Not only is still raw, strong, good-looking, able to bear or endure look, and not out of date & throughout; , & other; In the world, with dignity, don’t lose face, is a considerable account & throughout; .

lu xun from the shanhaijing youth to middle age) Peiping JianPu, plus the continental avant-garde art fascination, to say the interest extensive, but his lifelong specialization or prints, especially wood carving. He grateful mother babysitters, who bought his first volume of women in rural folk painting, make him in the future for the fun of engraving the minibook.

the early years of the republic of China, the western scale, technology and art, such as novels, symphony, oil painting into China in succession. In 20 years, lu xun is famous heels new people learn homecoming, lu xun is not admit defeat them, still have some underestimate them. He was laughed at xu beihong, avoid Lin Fengmian solo exhibition invitation also not to take part in.

and the China youth print prints collected by lu xun, such as TaoYuanQing, SiTuQiao painting a lot. His study of Chinese and western painting on one hand, on the other hand, hitting a new art schools and young people. Sun Yu pointed out that can be seen from lu xun’s collection of his art value is not less than value of literature.

interest: individualism first

Sun Yu thinks, lu xun is extremely sensitive to line, color, sound. Painters, writers, in an article about wood heart, lu xun’s essay has black and white and dichromatic, completely is the wood type. Lu xun in “the hand that mends that red light, made man initial glorious image, the sun, the moon, in the vast sky there is a boundless and vigorous, completely is art also bring his inspiration.

lu xun also particularly fond of Nietzsche, feel a lack of personal, Chinese civilization only, this all over the world, hope in the field of Chinese literature and art can be injected into the elements of individualism, individualism. Around 1906, he and some friends started a magazine called “new”, cover design with watts, a British painter works “hope”, the body of a curled up in the dark dreams of the future. The creation of lu xun referring to literature, art, music, stressed to human potential.

Sun Yu introduction, lu xun to China out of bottom-up folk culture has always been very strong. In lu xun’s eyes, the real culture and great civilization should be take root from bottom to top. In 1913, he worked in this time, the ministry of education, wrote an article “opinions” about the role of art, stressed that in addition to the general enlightenment, people should be more emphasis on aesthetic, pure cultural contemplation can bring joy to people. Lu xun also at the time the first called for the establishment of China art gallery, exhibition.

the lu xun fine old habits wary of literati painting, he emphasized individuality, when translation petofi poetry with a lot of painting. Lu xun is China’s earliest literary magazine insert print. Today, many literary magazine also like to insert the prints.

Sun Yu introduction, lu xun’s concern the painter has a lot to do with literature, in the interaction of painters and writers, they saw the other art strength.

follow Sun Yu

Liu Gong tiger


the received interview Sun Yu the teacher’s task, I’m on interviews with historians conclusion as if already in Shanghai. In the next day, night back to wuhan, hubei art museum hall door blocked the sun teacher, is only 5 minutes from start. He back to Beijing 4 hours after the plane take off, speech need at least two hours.

I have prior to his hand a good outline, hope to talk anyway, even on the way to the airport to talk. He laughed and agreed. He spoke on the topic of “lu xun and modern art ideological trend”, part of just fit with reporters, but still there are some unanswered questions. To miss sun, many audience for his signature and photo, and accounts for about half an hour. Outside the sun gradually cool thin, pale blue.

4 and a half, we finally hit the donghu lu avenue, wuhan. Sun teacher intonation gentle and warm, the historical and realistic insight into play. He said he did ten years in the Beijing daily arts department supplement editor, with the reporter was too. This year 56 years old, he has some grey hair.

Sun Yu memories, their until & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Later began to take an interest in lu xun, in the 1980 s was assigned to the lu xun museum. In the 1990 s exposed to changyoucian, wang hui and other people, they of lu xun’s ideas let him find everything new and fresh, lu xun to stimulate him to know and think. That year, he’s a big pleasure to be chat with the help of lu xun research experts.

Sun Yu became editor of journal of lu xun’s research, has published “lu xun and zhou zuoren”, “lu xun and”, “lu xun and Chen duxiu”, “be blasphemed of lu xun” and so on a number of monographs and articles. & other; I think our age is the lack of lu xun, it is need to lu xun. Throughout the &; He said.