Lu xun rejected “Nobel” reasons: on the word “China” I feel funny

lu xun was one of the first attention by foreigners and could be nominated for the Nobel writer. In 1927, from the Nobel in hometown detection scientist sven & middot; Decide to study in China, the sea in Shanghai know the lu xun’s literary achievements and his great influence on Chinese literature, and discuss Liu Bannong ready to recommend candidates for the Nobel Prize for literature, lu xun was lu xun declined.

important has not declined to discuss the nomination, but his attitude to the Nobel Prize, it will have to say lu xun in September 25, 1927, the Nobel Prize for literature to nominate things TaiJingNong the famous letter.

static farmer brother:

we received your letter of September 17, please turn to Mr Farmers, I thank him for his kindness, for me, for the Chinese. But I’m sorry, I don’t want to.

the Nobel Prize, natural unworthy, I also don’t deserve, take the money, still owe. Than I good writers in the world, they don’t get. You see my translation of the “little John”, where I go, this author, however, were not.

or I cheap, I am a Chinese, with this & other; Throughout China &; Two words, then, in the United States and Chen huan-chang do the hole door chrematistics and Dr No, oneself also feel ridiculous.

I think China is not really can get Nobel award gold, Sweden, it is best not to us, who don’t give me. If because yellow face, particularly greater preferential treatment, long enough to Chinese people’s vanity, thought really on a par with other great writer, the result will be very bad.

my eyes still see the darkness, a little tired, some truth, then can create, is still unknown. If this success never write, I’m sorry; If to write, maybe changed the academician literature, nothing substantial. Still remains the same no fame and poor as well & hellip;” & hellip;

I thought that, one, lu xun thought Nobel is, indeed, have a level, it is not by luck can get; Second, take the Nobel measure of literature in China at that time, lu xun believes China and distance; Three, lu xun is a common heart, namely the best writers in the world, the Nobel Prize can’t be awarded to all of the great writer. (hin)