Man shopping plaza sprained my ankle broken heirloom porcelain Expert appraisal value of 7 million


three days ago, jiaxing people Mr. Tao in local jiangnan Moore shopping square had a fall in the parking lot, not only the right leg knee chafed skin, hands, carrying a pair of vases also broken a misfortune.

compared with physical pain, the heart of Mr. Tao’s pain & ndash; & ndash; According to his own, crashing into the porcelain is the yuan dynasty antiques, worth 7 million yuan of above.

, Mr. Tao think his falls and a drain cover in the parking lot, so he claim compensation from the jiangnan Moore’s management.

on a sewer cover plate, a sudden fall

hand vase broken one injury

Mr. Tao is the headmaster of a excavator training school in jiaxing, family lived in jiangnan Moore at the side of single. Yesterday, he recalled the incident to the reporter:

on October 9, through friends introduction, I go to an auction company with two vases, identification of their value.

the day in the morning, my eyes have been jump, don’t feel very good, so you don’t have to drive, to find the “drive to hangzhou office.

after the auction company see the bottles, say something too precious, did not dare to safekeeping, call me back to jiaxing first, ready to send appraisers in a couple of days to come.

around 11 o ‘clock on the noon of the 45, “return to jiaxing, and I parked the car in the parking lot on the west side of jiangnan Moore store department, at that time, porcelain is put on the back seat, except that a pair of precious porcelain, there is a blue and white porcelain, respectively three bottle hold in ordinary bags.

I am a left a right carrying a pair of vases, blue and white porcelain, “walk behind carrying parking toll collector saw, still came up to ask what is the baby.

just walk a few steps, I stepped on a piece of the slab above the sewer, suddenly felt the ground subsidence, physical instability, a former robot. Only listen & other; Crash & throughout; , I left carrying porcelain was smashed to pieces, also good toll collector pulled a pair of, at the edge of the right hand of the porcelain didn’t break, however, still echoed under the cracks of 15 cm.

at that time, my right leg knee is bleeding, where can I manage, heart is broken.

claims to porcelain is ancestral, originally used as a common vase

& other; Beijing antique experts throughout the &; Said value 7 million yuan of above

let Mr. Tao heart vases 60 cm high. The reporter saw yesterday, there are a pair of & porcelain neck of up and down the other Ear & throughout; , below & other; Ear & throughout; Shaped like a dragon, porcelain brick that covered the blue glaze color, it has a pattern of the circle shape.

Mr. Tao said, “this is ancestral to porcelain, usually kept as a vase. More than a month ago, a Beijing antique experts to the pottery house to play, see the porcelain in utter amazement, & other; He said may be the yuan dynasty antique, a value is in 7 million yuan of above. Throughout the &;

a calculation for Mr Tao, the two are more than 1400, & other; I was so excited to night sleep, as if heaven fell pie. Throughout the &; However, he was determined not to sell, continue to collect.

what happens, Mr. Tao claim compensation from the jiangnan Moore’s management, but because he could not tell the true value of porcelain, so there is no compensation for the specific requirements are put forward.

therefore, 10 in the morning, Mr. Tao again took the baby to an antique appraisal company, Shanghai & other; They also say, as the yuan dynasty plum bottle, worth ten million yuan of above. If it will be appraisal, will take to go to Beijing do physical examination, a word is expected to be a decade or two, ten thousand yuan. Throughout the &;