MAO award bonus increase liu zhen food can be bought tomatoes decided to buy more expensive

on August 20, the famous writer liu zhen for “a top ten thousand sentences” won the eighth MAO dun prize for literature. Yesterday, liu zhen for sina, in an interview with the media, he confessed to obtain & other; MAO award & throughout; After a good mood.

& other; The MAO dun prize for literature, from 178, and selects the 5 units. After six times five rounds of voting, and then the system judges vote, haven’t seen ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign. Throughout the &; Lift the MAO dun prize for literature, liu zhen still feel very nervous. & other; Selection process like super girl PK, its influence is not the same as in previous years maodun literature prize is very. Awards just literary events in the past, now has become a social event. Throughout the &;

zhenyun liu also disclosed that the winning of the day, he is on the market to buy food, because the publisher told him the prize, this determines the choices on the day of his vegetables. & other; I was hesitant, is to buy tomatoes, or buy eggplant? At noon I eat tomato noodles with gravy, or eggplant noodles with gravy, but is more expensive than tomato eggplant. This time, I got a call from the publisher called me and said that I won the prize, then tell me a word of the increased bonus than in the past. I immediately decided to buy tomatoes. Throughout the &; Express the reporter Should jia xuan