MAO zedong once for the Dragon Boat Festival start chanting songs, leap into Wan Litao

60 years ago, at a conference held in Moscow world peace, China gave congress a portrait of qu yuan. That same year, qu yuan, and Poland Copernicus, French rabelais, Cuba Marty together become & other; World’s four cultural celebrities & throughout; .

the Dragon Boat Festival go out, what? Rice dumplings, dragon boat, form, don’t forget the biggest cultural kernel is to commemorate qu yuan. The internationalization of the Dragon Boat Festival should revolve around qu yuan the cultural symbol.

qu yuan was fu chu SAO,

hold knife to kill.

ai xiao too less ChengJiaoLan,

leap into Wan Litao.

(” four-line & middot; qu yuan “)

the Dragon Boat Festival is a Chinese poet, patriotic, hero of the day, this is likely to make the Chinese traditional festivals & other; Leap into Wan Litao & throughout; Across the walk out.

the power of culture can only use the rule of culture to give full play to the

& other; On May 5, is duanyang. Moxa door, down the house. Eating zongzi, and sugar. Dragon boat launching blissfully unaware. Throughout the &; The Dragon Boat Festival approaching, green rice dumplings, sweet jujube and tsao, realgar, etc for Dragon Boat Festival, also won’t fall, have appeared in the market and homes. Even seemed to faint smell in the air just out the aroma of the pot rice dumplings.

foreigners can smell through these elements brought connotation of Dragon Boat Festival? The net friend & other; Bamboo & locations throughout; In his blog in such a thing.

foreign friends cheerfully asked, & other; The Dragon Boat Festival in a few days, we can also go to watch the dragon boat racing, eating zongzi while watching lanterns? Throughout the &;

I replied & other; Must go, of course, this is a Chinese traditional festival, every year there are such a program, at first you don’t like it? Throughout the &;

I saw say how delicious dumplings, his spirits is a great compliment to say lantern art, displayed a pair of drool. His attitude to the Dragon Boat Festival expect reminds me of when he came to China, all follow the American holiday, arrogant attitude towards China’s traditional festivals are despise, is different.

after two years of work and life in China, he has been like the laowai living in China have different living habits. Wear to invade, Confucius, learning martial arts, culture and habits of the Chinese nation exerts a subtle influence on the westerners like him, as they understand another channel in China.

this traditional festival the Dragon Boat Festival, rice dumplings, if foreigners on holiday alone bag and see the dragon boat game, and some historical story, is can’t really let them understand, can be at best a characteristic projects, the somebody else won’t leave after a novelty thinking and aftertaste, should be combined and the whole culture system. The Dragon Boat Festival is a festival, the power of culture can only use the rule of culture to give full play to, and the law of the culture only in maintenance work.

MAO zedong in many foreign field of qu yuan to be international

high esteem of qu yuan, MAO zedong in many diplomatic occasions to introduce overseas the sages.

in 1954, the visiting Indian prime minister jawaharlal Nehru to Beijing to visit from the zhongnanhai geunjeongjeon bade farewell to the MAO zedong and other Chinese leaders. MAO zedong was chanting the qu yuan “nine songs & middot; less destiny” in & other; Sad not sad xi separation, mo enjoyed throughout xi new acquaintance &; Verse, to express the Nehru’s friendly, and introduces the qu yuan’s life to him.

in 1972, MAO zedong in zhongnanhai with visiting Japanese prime minister kakuei tanaka and foreign minister masayoshi ohira. At the end of the meeting, it will be a “chu notes as a gift, given to kakuei tanaka. The country gift list, all previous dynasties poet never enjoy the title.

& other; Poet qu yuan was a long time ago, but it is also belong to the future of the poet, his poetry to show themselves, express their true feelings. Throughout the &; The Soviet Sinologist federline think, & other; After the unknown author of the book of songs, is leading the Chinese literature history of qu yuan, he was the first poet of the individual character. Throughout the &;

qu yuan early fame, work age also early spread to overseas. 17 & ndash; In the 18th century by the missionaries to Latin translation amounted to hundreds of Chinese ancient books and records, including “chu ci”. It and “university”, “golden mean” is known as & other; Oriental gifts & throughout; The foreign literature, first entered the view of western society at that time. In 1815, Goethe noticed the chu ci, try to translation “li SAO”.

Goethe fails, the others succeeded. British missionary Mr. Joseph, Italian Catholic priests LeiYongMing, German priest BaoRunSheng translated works of qu yuan. In 1879, “chu ci” English version published in London, the translator is Edward Harper parker, the then minister of Britain in China.

these work can help foreigners to understand the extent of qu yuan, understand Chinese culture, is unknown, but if without them, definitely not better. After all, only understand the meaning of the qu yuan in culture of pingyao, can let the Dragon Boat Festival is not just a symbol.

track international, pay attention to dispel the nationality is not rigorous, scientific side not

qu yuan is not only the ancient genius singer, and it is a great patriot, selfless fearless, brave and noble. Patriotism in any place, any time is the spiritual pillar of a nation, national and social cohesion, the litmus test of a personal behavior.

when being unfairly treated, was advised to leave chu qu yuan. With his talent and reputation, the nations Kings all beg. Governors supremacy in the warring states period, the rationality of the flow of talent has a natural. Many people in this country is not reuse, development went to other countries. Short-term commitment was the one big characteristic of talent market.

o steps of qu yuan is & other; To go to countries throughout the &; . Country, attempted, away from the chu palace, still & other; Care for chu, with king & throughout; , don’t want to leave he keeps his homeland. The greatness of qu yuan, is that he can run away but resolute don’t go. & other; Birds fly back hometown, fox will throughout the first high & death; Patriotism, uphold his life.

in addition, the value of qu yuan in his philosophical thinking, this is a bridge of can communication between eastern and western society. We are easy to overlook qu yuan as a thinker. He jiu ge in the Chinese history is definitely a different number, ask him to ask history, religion, more than 170, covers the liberal arts. This for traditional Chinese scholars is not good at math, science, would be tantamount to gobbledygook. Down in two thousand, liu zongyuan barely write a “to”, can probably answer, is not complete.

China’s generation of smart people in the face of ancient history and myth involved parts, can also allusions, discourse; In the face of qu yuan, involves the questions of nature, such as & other; North and south, east and west, the fix is much? Throughout the &; Stay, never concept to prevaricated, ramble. I don’t know in the qing dynasty scholar Zhou Gongchen saw the ricci map, said & other; In the thick earth nine miles a week, twenty-eight thousand six hundred and thirty-six & throughout; .

in fact, the world’s peoples have their own jiu ge, icelanders have edda, Hebrews have the job, indians have the rig Veda, the greeks had “theogony”. As a result, the Dragon Boat Festival in addition to eat and drink, and play the surface, should put & other Mr. Science & throughout; Also move out, please remind us in the process of standard international, hug the world, pay attention to dispel the nationality is not rigorous, not science.

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after the ancient, who preach?

not up and down, by the test?

ghost zhao Meng dark, who can extremely?

Feng Yi but like, why?

it secretly, but when what is?

triad of Yin and Yang, the He Hua?

won nine heavy, relative degrees of camp?

but He Gong, at the beginning of what is make of?

model d how system, how to add celestial pole?

eight columns when, southeast of lose?

nine days, put Ann belong to?

corner Wei much, who know the number?

the stack of day? 12 how cent?

the sun Ann belong to? Column star AnChen?

from yutani, inferior to the pan.

since the bright and dark, the line in a few?

noctilucent He De, dead again?

jue levy, and gu Tu in abdomen?

female toki no, husband how take nine son?

“strong? Hui qi in?

how close and grey? When the Ming?

spica denier, Ann obsidian spirit to hide?

& ndash; & ndash; From qu yuan’s jiu ge