MAO zedong: the only wear a watch omega Switzerland Guo moruo send

famous tang dynasty poet liu yuxi famously said that in the “intelligent” & other; Mountain is not high, with fairy is name; Water is not deep, with dragons are spirit. Throughout the &; In fact, all things of the world is the celebrity effect.

on August 15, 1945, DianYao to chongqing for peace talks, in order to strive for domestic peace, MAO zedong had to accept the invitation to fly to chongqing. On August 28th afternoon 3 when 37 points, the political department of the national government military commission minister zhang zhizhong, accompanied by U.S. ambassador to China, hurley, MAO kai, Wang Refei from yanan to chongqing.

then working committee director guo moruo, chongqing culture along the patriotic Democrats shen junru, Zhang Lan, huang yanpei, lei Chen and others went to the airport to meet an old friend of the MAO zedong made him missing. Hands in MAO zedong on the ladder to welcome greeted, guo moruo by poet unique keen to capture a detail: MAO zedong’s wrist without wearing table.

at the time, wear a watch is very stylish, not only practical, it is also a symbol of the identity and status, went to the airport to meet MAO zedong’s military and political big shots and all social dignitaries with nearly a senior watch or pocket watch with gold chains, but MAO zedong actually doesn’t even have a watch. And guo moruo and deeply emotional MAO’s poor and plain, also a presentiment of MAO zedong in chongqing through the tense and dangerous day and night, every moment has arrangement, not a watch is extremely inconvenient time.

on September 3 in the afternoon, guo moruo and Mrs Yu Liqun stayed with people from all walks of life in MAO zedong’s country expansion. Meanwhile, guo moruo movingly detached the watch from his wrist to MAO zedong, MAO zedong readily accepted.

the omega watch is Swiss pure mechanical watch, shell is circular, gauge diameter 4 centimeters, fonts & other 12 & throughout; Under & Omega; Symbols and OMFEGA, strap for brown cow leather. About the origin of the watch, which was purchased when guo moruo traveled around Europe, which was in guo moruo was invited to visit the Soviet union in the summer of 1945, the Soviet union friends presented souvenirs.

when MAO zedong was farmland famous & other; Sometimes take throughout the &; Don’t take my gun, 2 with no money, sometimes wear a watch. But guo moruo gave him the watch was his beloved, always accompany him to the last. After MAO’s death, this watch has been exhibited by the Chinese revolutionary museum and then being reclaimed by general office of the central committee of the communist party of China, in November 1990, transferred to shaoshan comrade MAO zedong memorial hall collection.

omega was originally a watch in the world, has a long history. In 1848, the Swiss watch omega was born in the 23-year-old lewis & middot; Brandt’s small craftsmen. In Switzerland in the long winter, Brandt bought from local craftsmen of parts assembled into the pocket watch popular one by one and then take them to sell the alleys in European countries. Brandt’s two sons lewis & middot; Paul and lewis & middot; Paul Julius Caesar then joined him, until Brandt’s death in 1879, two sons to stir up the burden of the family business. His son will Louis Brandt company transformation as the watch factory, the factory moved to human enough, bill region of rich resources and convenient transportation, Louis Brandt became clocks and watches of Switzerland’s biggest companies.

omega most wisdom, not let the flood of industrialization to the TAB’s each link, but keep watch at the end of the procedure is done manually, which makes it still can be very confident to claim & other; Refused to batch production, adhering to the handmade traditional Swiss watchmakers. Throughout the &;

in 1900, the world’s fair in Paris, omega style series, with its outstanding performance won the international jury awarded the highest honor. Famous Greek temple (GreekTemple) gold table of carve patterns or designs on woodwork is one of them, then through such a MAO zedong, dai omega name became louder. By MAO zedong’s omega watches frames in the history of dusty, undoubtedly become a cannot copy of cultural treasures.

(Ma Quanhe)