MAO zedong’s calligraphy in the “art” is not in the “dao” as its people (FIG.)

s MAO books have story & middot; tianshan.

how MAO’s calligraphy? From the viewpoint of MAO knows about Chinese culture, from the perspective of his poetry article attainments; His calligraphy is by no means unusual shoka, let alone a pointed out & other; Throughout the body &; Soft rib. MAO zedong’s calligraphy as sunny as his face, imposing manner is very aggressive, atmospheric loopback, excellent, very rhythm, put the close degree, li. If standing & other; Visual impact & throughout; Look, its & other; In the form of art & throughout; Charm, total annihilation, and no one can. If water fell from a mountain to move silently, perspective, with a heart view benevolence humanity MAO’s book shortcomings highlighted immediately.

the ancients cloud & other; Enters, painted heart also & throughout; . Fine exploration & other; MAO’s book & throughout; But & other; Throughout the body painting &; Rather than & other; Painted heart & throughout; , it is an extension of the body language, and the soul of language; Is the self-publicity, rather than the folding of the hidden moral. This is review MAO calligraphy & other; Threshold & throughout; And leave this & other; Sill & throughout; To MAO calligraphy positioning spat, meaningless. For evaluation of value of art and literature, not by secular voters to decide. As great 1.3 billion Chinese football, playing small, but o not less than one million people.

Chinese calligraphy pursuit & other; Nature & throughout; And what is & other; Nature & throughout; ? Namely: build the artistic conception of life and the spirit of heaven and earth synchronization, set heaven and earth moral airspace in life; Forging personal conscience germinal logic match the creator. Standing at the level to talk about on & other; Nature & throughout; .

in contrast, MAO’s book, desire, with content; Music, as you would like to have round. One is & other; Up to its way throughout the &; With & other; Temperament & throughout; Has nothing to do; The second is & other; Throughout its joy & form; , but can’t & other; Throughout its sorrow & form; . For gas charm, due to the potential loss, because of manic embellish, for the loss of the folding, due to the dynamic of static, due to the loss of inaction, loss of quality due to make public.

the book with eight big mountain man, hong yi MAO’s calligraphy works together and compete, is obvious. Books in the gas should be rhyme, MAO in potential is not in operation is not in the way; The latter instead. The former & other; Drum’s strive & throughout; And the latter & other; Peace with neither & throughout; ; The former & other; His face & throughout; And the latter & other; Calm calm & throughout; ; The former, the latter is static; The former, the latter cry; The former & other; Love fans throughout the world &; And the latter & other; Sadness throughout the &; . Than sun yat-sen calligraphy to MAO, in operation are far too; But he was lost in & other; Throughout the &; On the content.

the book as the people, MAO books have & other; To the general & throughout; XiongCi, spent & other; To the best of subtle & throughout; The human nature. Su shi vice-chancellor, & other; Beginning know true throughout in the subtle &; , MAO Yu Tiandao to humane & other; Subtle & throughout; Not knowing, & other; Put & throughout; It, but its essence not & other True & throughout; , became his calligraphy was compounding shortcomings.

the author Liu Jizhuang (forty years in the school of old technical secondary school teaching, associate professor of Chinese painting, Chinese painting research institute invited painter)

Liu Jizhuang