Markets match leather collection hot single “pingyao” priced at 350 yuan

on September 6, operating one hundred & other Potow & throughout; Match company bankruptcy, at that time a remnant of the enthusiasm for the match. On September 9, the reporter has carried on the visit to provincial capital match leather collection market, find market raised a hot wave of match leather collection, collection price rising continuously, printed a piece of the early liberation of yinze bridge design & other; Pingyao & throughout; Match leather price as high as 350 yuan.

Mr Shi said, pointing to a match skin: & other; My collection & lsquo; Pingyao & rsquo; Match the leather has been more than 40 years, as the 1970 s with the pattern of quotations from chairman MAO zedong & lsquo; Pingyao & rsquo; Match, at that time I buy a match is less than a penny. At present, the market to its pricing is controlled in 200 yuan, the last two days has risen to 240 yuan. Throughout the &;

citizens Mr Pan is a match leather collectors, last week, after the initial production, with a liberation of yinze bridge design & other; Pingyao & throughout; CARDS match leather, was sold for 270 yuan. But was told by the boss 9 prices have change, the original price is unable to sell, eventually Mr Pan with 350 yuan price bought this match. & other; Recently, there are several Tibetan friend are attracted by the match, if you don’t buy now, will be higher. Throughout the &;

skin is matches bottle, also collectors called & other; Spark & throughout; . Provincial capital the nangongshan an antique shop, the boss of Mr Shi, skin looks just matches the packing, but the printing have different patterns, record the development of history and culture, has a certain collection value. Match leather depending on the year, save the situation, only to pricing, the price ranged from 2 yuan to hundreds of yuan, the market in shanxi, native produce & other Pingyao & throughout; CARDS match leather price is higher than other foreign brands. The nangongshan antique market, many shops are in the business match the leather collection, start from 6, usually few collectors attention leather collection of matches. A vendor stalls selling antiques, 2 days he has sold different pattern matches 36, but the market prices are rising.

the Chinese collector association deputy secretary-general Xu Rejun introduction, match the leather is an international collection, its design is a microcosm of a nation and culture, as the domestic first disappearing, many matches leather is out of print. Xu Rejun remind collectors, to correctly face the market, do not regard it as investments; And match leather in the market after printing, collectors must identify when buying, in order to avoid losses.