Married man “marry death” in Taiwan Lengthen the funeral cars to meet the bride (FIG.)

the undertaker of tainan LiuYing do marriage, with a king-size funeral ceremony to marry, from passers-by. Source: Taiwan’s apple daily

Beijing, Feb. 13 (Reuters) According to Taiwan’s “China times” report, the Taiwan man Hou Mingxiu with girlfriend Dai Yun hin chose the lunar & other; Don’t marry & throughout; The annual grade (12). Engaged in funeral etiquette Hou Mingxiu for home, for the first and trade business and borrowed six long funeral limousine, will marry procession Dai Mou marry to go home. Along the way the team is measured, the couple that is unforgettable all one’s memories.

the groom Hou Mingxiu live tainan willow camp, the bride Dai Yun hin is hsinchu, both attended chiayicounty.there nanhua university life education department, newborn registration met two years ago, six months after launch, Hou Mingxiu appreciate Dai Yun hin, pure Dai Yun hin like Hou Mingxiu serious and responsible, at the end of last year decided to hand in hand with life.

hou, her sister home for running the funeral etiquette, before he had discussed when younger brother got married with a funeral ceremony car to replace the bride, earlier this year to inform ideas Dai Yun hin, Dai Yun hin also think is very special, so to borrow peer business vehicles, the two men also deliberately chosen on the zodiac & other; Everything’s all appropriate, avoid to marry & throughout; Annual grade, said the subversive.

by six long burial ceremony car with a jeep marry team, composed of the leading car yesterday arrived in the new camp the woman under the collapse of the hotel early, simple with strange after the ceremony, two people accept the relatives and friends blessing, sit together into the funeral ceremony car, majestic to new homes in the camps, all along the way an glances, see funeral ceremony on various characters, but also smile.

drive eight kilometers, many people watching, with annual outing, grade 3 is more many vehicle parking watch; Hou Mingxiu said, reading a book when his wife was often use after school to help in the home, plus the study background, & other; In the funeral ceremony of novelty and challenge to traditional, but just want to leave a rare wedding memories for two people. Throughout the &;