Master hong yi, break feed journal copy: record the real break feed experience

approach in China in 1916 is broken feed of hong yi

yesterday master hong yi, the 70th anniversary of the parinirvana thousands words break feed journal copy starting

log, he is no longer a versatile wit, was suffering middle-aged men

hong yi’s fans, must know it’s easy to find online hong yi “break feed log” of the original, however, those words from stamping version of the republic of China, vulgar point, a & other; Second-hand goods & throughout; Big mistake not small fault, the continuous & ndash; & ndash; Many scholars think words had not the solution.

yesterday, the mage hong yi hong yi, the 70th anniversary of the parinirvana tiger park held a solemn funeral ritual, at the same time, & other; First & throughout; Break feed journal & ndash; & ndash; Copy finally start, originally in the showcase of cultural relic, every word, every word to met with the people.

break feed journal copy in China hong yi memorial book can buy.

six hong learning bring special & other representative; Offering & throughout;

for stupas hong yi, a pile of new soil

in the top, the tiger park again small a few steps to the mountain, is the master hong yi, stupas.

yesterday, six different types of soil have been delivered to hangzhou, hong yi’s granddaughter Li Lijuan etc for stupas, learn the representatives around the earth.

new soil from hong yi (mage) hong yi, a lifetime have important influence on six cities.

pinghu & ndash; & ndash; Master ancestral home, now & other; Lotus wan & throughout; Bloom;

tianjin & ndash; & ndash; Master birthplace, worry-free childhood memories;

Shanghai & ndash; & ndash; South of the city club, & other; Throughout the world five friends &; , talent emerged;

shangyu & ndash; & ndash; Yat sen villa mountain room, chunhui middle school, the white horse lake culture far-reaching;

wenzhou & ndash; & ndash; Fu temple, 12 in the spring and autumn, painstaking research;

quanzhou & ndash; & ndash; The anti-japanese national salvation, passed away.

hong yi in China in 1916 to write down break feed journal

log, he is a middle-aged man is a variety of illnesses

break feed journal is hong yi in 1916 when China is broken feed write diary manuscripts.

in 1916, already with buddhist statue hong yi by chance in a magazine see end in food, medicine for a long time he was tortured by neurasthenia. On the other hand, due to the hong yi has a heart to Buddha, break feed is also a way of uniting the body and mind, will, so he decided to try.

the so-called & other; Break feed & throughout; , and not all don’t eat not to drink, but gradually reduce food intake, only drinking water, not to eat. On the recommendation of the xileng printing society members Ye Pin three, lunar 30 November 1916, when the school put annual leave, hong yi came to China, at the time the abbot of borrowed house downstairs, started a three-week break feed.

break feed journal tens of words, the content is broken feed during the life details, such as activity, diet, sleep and daily physiological changes of the body. After the break feed, hong yi self-induction thoroughly remould oneself, as shown in the new, also according to Lao tze & other; Can the baby throughout the &; , renamed Li Ying.

leaf through the manuscript copy, head of the hong yi has not merry wit, but a variety of illnesses, middle-aged men. Sometimes, the China water you have drunk, & other; Sore throat, or because of spring sex too strong, make the laryngeal peeling throughout the property &; ; He suffered from insomnia, often wake up at three o ‘clock in the morning; Chest and heart rate, urine pain & hellip; & hellip;

break feed journal photocopy and sealing of the republic of China details from

more real break feed experience to restore

& other; You see, comparing the manuscript, it can be found with the republic of China version stamping break feed journal content, and some of the discrepancy. Throughout the &; The original zhejiang literature and art publishing house editor, scholars of break feed journal Xu Zhenglun said.

break feed stage is on the fourth day & hellip; & hellip; Wake up at four, gas is admirable, and & other; Daily & throughout; The same. After getting up spirit as usual, brothers strong. Toward the sun, have clear mind. & other; Small & throughout; Toilet urine tube small painful, because the water is too & other; Throughout the &; The property.

from this text version of the republic of China, for example, the text quotes, with the manuscript. Such as & other; Daily & throughout; , the manuscript is often day; & other; Small & throughout; Then, the manuscript is & other; Less & throughout; Then; Especially the last sentence, & other; Drinking too much & throughout; , the manuscript is written & other; Too little water & throughout; .

& other; Is really the opposite error! Throughout the &; Expert shake head to sigh, study, learn, for the text depth hold on still discussed by the day, let alone such a fallacy? Many scholars want to broken head, has been in doubt, why hong yi thought because drink too much, cause urinary tube pain? Do not conform to the physical and medical common sense!

in addition, in the original & other; Sleep & throughout; , but in stamping this written & other; Sleep & throughout; , although there is, the meaning is very different. According to the preliminary study of Xu Zhenglun, stamping this about there are more than 30 errors.

calligraphy style transformation before and after becoming a monk

from cheng du jin jian gorgeous to silver shadow plain

copy and a big advantage, that is, can see many of hong yi daub & other Distinguish the ball & throughout; And his hand calligraphy.

& other; Distinguish the ball & throughout; Hong yi is on the diary scri le modification, is also shows that he is rigorous learning attitude.

according to calligraphy, experts say, China break feed, also is the key to hong yi calligraphy style transformation period & ndash; & ndash; From cheng du jin jian gorgeous, outstand GuiJiao, to elegant serene, silver shadow plain, dull and lonely lonely. Hong yi pushed the ancient Chinese art of calligraphy into the another peak, & other; Giving the complete, if with these & throughout; , and guo moruo are proud of the modern cultural celebrities to get his word.

hong yi is & other; Article 20 surprised of collecting & throughout; Master of poetry, word, painting and calligraphy, seal cutting, music, drama, literature as a whole. But after becoming a monk, and the arts all hydrophobic, only the calligraphy of being unable to get master hong yi, give up with until he passed away in quanzhou are not two temple & ndash; & ndash; In the master hong yi, a life time of more than 60 years, at least 50 years of calligraphy.

the calligraphy is the trace of the mind. From after born with gorgeous hong yi to insipid, hong yi is the result of the mind, is the sublimation of master spiritual realm.