Mei lanfang 58 years ago with eight folding fan publicly for the first time Reveal the legend friendship

mei lanfang give eight folding fan publicly for the first time reveal the epic friendship background

on December 27, 2012, when (foshan) collection, director of guangdong cantonese opera museum 杨咏涛 spread a gold folding fan will show in guangdong eight honorary President and guild Cui Songming and cantonese opera MingChou, former guangdong eight and guild LuanYu open in front of Lord Ye Zhaobai, two old people eyes flashing immediately: this is a mei lanfang 58 years ago give eight folding fan.

folding fan is the peony figure, there were & other; Sleep good friend brushed first mei lanfang wrote heat & throughout; On one side and write the words and seal are: & other; Flat Tian Quanshui since idioms, village tyurin shadow hydrophobic; My palanquin safe, see the yellow leaves and reading a book. Take siminghu water clear, clear water of the window the rain day cross; Powder coat cold green room is little, yan water flow wind a mood. Throughout the &; From & other; Good friend and belongs to the first sino-japanese summer solstice book to sleep Mei lanfang & throughout; . Cui Songming excitedly took out a notebook to note down the words, Ye Zhaobai touching picture frame, sigh with emotion.

Ye Zhaobai is & other; Mei Xue Youyi & throughout; Witnesses, according to the memory, in April 1954, eight families back to guangzhou from Hong Kong, may vary with white pony honor as head of the & other; The guangzhou cantonese opera corps & throughout; Take the train to Shanghai to participate in drama performances, mei lanfang, Zhou Xinfang, GaiJiaoTian Peking Opera masters and take many fans, the scene is very warm. Due to the strongly urged that in Shanghai, guangdong, had no performance plan eight temporary decision, nasty line of cantonese opera “guishan up disaster” to participate in the joint performance, mei lanfang dedicated time regards waiting for you every day, give many help and support, fully with eight for a month.

this folding fan has a legend.

in 2011, Cui Songming collected eight historical data, learn from Ye Zhaobai mouth, in the 1950 s, a nicknamed & other; Foshan public & throughout; Mr Special obsession with eight, he is not XiHang middleman, but follow around eight, a collection of almost all related to eight play bridge, circulars, reviews, reports, still, pictures, and personal items, even eight memorial wreath elegiac couplet are transcribed. Foshan built later & other; Guangdong cantonese opera museum & throughout; , & other; Foshan public & throughout; Donated a lot of cantonese opera data, & other; In folding fan & throughout; Is one of them. After investigation, Cui Songming learned that donors named Pan Yanliang (dead). Mei lanfang this folding fan & other; Hidden in purdah no knowledge & throughout; The glass cabinets, sealed in the museum.

in September last year, by the guangdong eight and hall, liwan district volunteers co-editor of “the eight party harmony & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; cantonese opera historical data series of eight and guild (volume) of guangdong” after publishing, Cui Songming again for another funded by Hong Kong philanthropist Dr Sandy wu, planning of large-scale picture album “tew eight” while traveling. Cui Songming sandy wu personally, please sent a letter to cantonese opera museum, this precious folding fan to his first public appearance.

this folding fan & other; Throughout north menand xue &; & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Masters of Beijing Opera mei lanfang and cantonese opera masters eight profound friendship between physical evidence. Beijing mei lanfang memorial will also actively provide relevant & other; Throughout north menand xue &; Historical data, so that the Chinese opera & other; Throughout north and south become attached to the &; The century of legend.