Men see prison wife how would a man like the fairy from sexual fantasies

a robust man go to jail out in the 15 years later, he met his wife, will have what performance?

at this time, we can mobilize all full of psychosexuality words to imagine, such as peak sexually, such as hungry and so on. In general people do not have such experience, so the answer is in the nature of art, the answer is not of authenticity. That is to say, we can only use our habitual thinking to analyze our event in unfamiliar situations.

we can only to find the answer from the existing text. The short story “prison”, most people don’t read because this novel is too far from us. I checked the, this novel seems to be published in 1941, Shanghai tee publishing house, the writer is He Guhuai. In 1932, the Chinese department of jinan university, department of foreign languages, the same year to participate in the Chinese left-wing writers union, later served as modern literature research institute, Chinese academy of sciences literature group leader, team leader of contemporary literature.

when I finished reading “prison”, shocked, with literary critics now fashionable terms, this is typical of the pioneer writers, but also the taste of surrealism. “Prison” and 1949 years ago in the story of suffering and revolution plus love narrative is different, it is full of existentialism, clearly outline the process of alienation.

Vincent used to be a strong man, a bright and cheerful disposition, and returned home to jail for 15 years. His indifferent to the excitement and enthusiasm of the wife, wooden expressions, language. Then his wife asked him: & other; In prison, you often think of me? Throughout the &; Vincent ground-breaking answer, is philosophical, he replied: & other; I think of you? If you often think of you, that also can’t live this 15 years. Throughout the &;

Vincent’s extremely excited when I read this answer, because too beyond my expectations.

Vincent’s answer is too difficult, difficult to understand.

deep-rooted thoughts a person why can shorten life? If miss means hope, if means hope, so Vincent misses the wife, the desire to survive on the stronger sense. That’s because despair, love is definitely not irresponsible play game, after every hope is endless disappointment, this is the world’s most characteristics to cruelty of punishment.

that is to say, Vincent in this kind of true love, be loved alienation completely. So, Vincent is sleep, in addition to eat, later in “prison” Vincent is tortured by love in Chinese literature, to be loved completely a classic image of the alienation.

this axiom is eternal, the world of ambiguity and absurd flowing over the ground, flying everywhere lies, told the seemingly pure game in the name of love, responsible for their own language is a distant fairy tale. If we like Vincent, in the past, there is a possibility that he really couldn’t live this 15 years in prison, the experience only he can realize, therefore, knew that Vincent, spoke we cannot understand language: & other; If you often think of you, that also can’t live this 15 years. Throughout the &;

Vincent and his wife have no alleged betrayal, our moral level in building their basic skills to survive, it is to learn to forget!

in love in the heart, heart is not here, would not be in love.

if we put some so-called all my love, likely will be loved by alienation.

why do men like fairy

I have been amazed by the ancient text illusion the sublimation of human nature, the most classic of mortals with the fairy tale of love, the sublimation of motivation for this text, we are used to the interpretation of the political, the lack of psychoanalysis, but I always think of political explanations stereotype smell is too strong, shed crocodile tears and have the sense of touch.

the fairy often become the beauty of the alternative, we often say that looks like a fairy.

the fairy was too abstract, exactly what the fairy? Is frame arch eyebrows? Or sexy? Or is skilled in bed? Because the object of the fairy is sexual fantasies, itself does not exist, we can only use the wrong logical answer: fairy is beauty.

Freud believes that interest from sexual parts to the whole body condition, the curious psychology is artistic, freund’s called sublimation, is to convert part of the original desire to senior artistic interest.