Mexico’s legendary female painter frida: the ruins of the flower of life

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frieda works “the last supper,”

& other; She is just flying bird, to catch the light in the night. The hell maybe a heaven. So tired of woman, she will never be broken wings, fly freely. She is burning, the night sky with the spark in full bloom. She burned the night. Throughout the &; This is freda this film opening, raises freda legends of the Mexican painter’s legendary life.

if anyone seen freda self-portrait, impressive, that are necessary for regardless of her unique to connect a line thick eyebrows, and the look of intense, more color in the picture and power & ndash; & ndash; Capacity, energy, power, and sadness. In fact, this is freda life: a warm and beautiful, just like her husband’s description: & other; Freda, where will you bring to the surrounding passion and life & throughout; ; Yet this beautiful with great pain.

artists are always contradictory, I do not know whether the pain of life has given rise to the inspiration of art, but they are a group of people born for art.

freda. Whatever you put her as a rare genius or humble worm, she is in a unique attitude a solitary; She had one operation, life most of the time spent on the bed, but still, his works price among the top of the world female painter; Her belief in communism, and drugs and alcohol, bisexual, with many of the men and women lovers and affairs; She love her husband, but she is cheating each other, their living in hurt each other; She is eager to regenerate and fascination with death, and always with a provocative expression, conceal loneliness and heavy; Her life, were broken and wandering back and forth and chaos of struggle.

her painting, are also poured out her life, freda once said: & other; My information is painful in the picture, completely draw my life, I believe that this is the best work. Throughout the &; Frieda works, in the words of her husband in the film is: & other; Acid fiber and again; Hard as steel, fine beauty like butterfly wings, like smile, like life bitter. Throughout the &;

of course, such a 120 – minute film isn’t really summarizing frieda the legendary female painter’s life, but it is a good artist biography movie, neatly sum up the technique is excellent, multi-line story unfolds and the theme is clear, the technique of expression in the realistic with artistic and dramatic, is established on the basis of the real history. I especially like the movie hit colored tones, strong and courageous color, bright, strong and have the power to burn the night, like frida himself. At the same time, the color with thick Mexican amorous feelings, it is also a film advocate tone, firmly grasp the freda patriotic & ndash; & ndash; Freda love everything that Mexico, its colour, folk art, traditional costumes, and attaches great importance to the integrity and family values. In addition, freda and her husband both believe in communism, dedicated to the people’s movement in Mexico, they proud of their own national culture. They will own ideas to share with many artists and intellectuals in Mexico, so that in the early period of the 20th century became known as the Renaissance in Mexico.

remember there is a line very classic films, is able to describe frieda and rivera the couple’s values, that is a female photographer said: & other; I don’t believe in marriage, it is at worst a hostile political behavior, short-sighted man lock woman at home, and tied to traditional etiquette, in order to avoid the woman out of the way a means; At best is sweet illusion, two people are truly in love each other, but never is aware of the upcoming torture each other waste time. However, when two people know so, sweet will open your eyes, face each other, resolutely to marry, so I don’t think this is a conservative or delusion, but brave, aggressive, and very romantic. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; Though, the truth is that they are after the day of less romantic, but worthy & other; Brave, aggressive & throughout; . Yes, they are born of a couple, but the unfaithful to each other, can’t, who let them so much alike? Frieda had said to her husband, & other; You my misery loves company, my art partner, my best friend, but never to be my husband. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; Just, freda said don’t know when, accompanied in her last moments of life, is still the & other; Husband & throughout; ,.

freda’ve only had a painting exhibition in Mexico, it was the spring of 1953. Is her dream. Alas frieda’s health has been very bad, the doctor told her can’t get out of bed and go to the scene. Description of a very dramatic in the movie, I don’t know when freda it really the case, but who CARES, isn’t it? Important is she comes & ndash; & ndash; Freda sleeping in on a stretcher, out of the car was being carried out, entered the hall (of course have beautification components) in the movie. Her bed was placed in the middle of the hall, people come forward to congratulate her. Freda to people telling jokes, singing, and she even drinking all night, all people are infected.

life is burning to the highest point, then must face of flame extinguished gradually. In this exhibition of the same year, because of the soft tissue necrosis, freda had to cut to the right leg below the knee. This made her extremely melancholy, suicidal tendencies. Her diary last words are: & other; I hope that death is happy, I hope I can come back again & also throughout; & ndash; & ndash; She asked her husband to give her cremation: & other; I this lifetime lie long enough. Throughout the &;

it is worth mentioning that in the film and the creation of the two self-portrait, is a picture of her in 1944 New Year pictures is perhaps the most famous her a pair of self-portrait “broken cylinder”; Another is the Henry Ford hospital. In the first picture, freda pain in one of the most violent, the most tragic way express: nails on her face and body, the torso of a wound in the similar to the cracks appear on the earth after the earthquake. The way down the valley behind the wound with sag from afar suggests that surgical treatment of terror. In a leak in the body, a root fracture love fionia type cylinder replaced her deteriorating spine. The painting has very obvious sexual, a lithe and graceful body naked sexual attraction is abstinence 2 for one, the spirit of conquest she deliberately exaggerated the damage degree. This is a kind of possession, the fate of the possession of the body, a woman is sick in freda heart hard and rough. The use of violence, she can’t wait to make a tragedy, she indulge in it, is not only a miserable victims, at the same time, is a successful director: behind the scenes make self-portrait altars, let her become altars to office people kill the lamb. As described in the Breton, freda pure is a bad egg, not a single female artists was stronger than her jealousy, it is in this sense, as far as possible in order to make her more charm, she too wanted to also play a dual role: from time to time is pure, and sometimes evil evil.

second picture is the symbolism of self-portrait “- Henry Ford hospital”, is also the first picture on the metal plate, then she just abortion, learn their lifelong infertility. Since then, she had a cold realism, and quickly by Mexican. Freda naked lying in bed in the picture, the sheet on a piece of blood. One of her hands holding a line, on the other side of the line was a baby. In her paintings exude want to rivera deep desire of having a baby. Those images full of metaphor, let people see a woman on the all kinds of pain.

frida’s life has a great vitality of combustion, the so-called life, is drawn a carpet of flowers on the ruins of the life. Is the movie frida, salute to such a life.