Micro film was held by brand advertising creativity low uncertainty

“old boy” is nearly for more than a year of the most successful films.

liu ye, Huang Bo & other; Throughout the film &; Project conference, micro movie when the director has become a trend. “Nail clippers person evil” (upper right) is the micro film advertising is relatively successful, but the heartbeat again (lower right) advertising curt.

& other; Micro film & throughout; Three words was born to now, but just over a year. However, the concept of the full of Chinese characteristics with surprising speed, in the domestic an & other; People can micro & throughout; Storm, youku, iQIYI website with micro movie & other; Big & throughout; , from the director jiang wen, gu, jia zhangke to actor Huang Bo, fourth, and so on are & other; The sea & throughout; The micro movie. Also announced a launch & other; Throughout China’s micro film development blue book &; . A few days ago, after the revision of the chongqing satellite TV in new media play in a movie moved to television, a move that also cause for concern & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Micro film fire, but due to the concept of excessive abuse and trapped in & other; Ads feature & throughout; Limitations, micro film quality is not high, lack of excellent work. When excessive consumption if it still can continue to keep alive?

s what is a micro movie

2011, as the old boy “route 66” masterpiece “nail clippers person magic” and so on one batch of word-of-mouth, micro movie concept came into being, and is increasingly becoming the film and television producer, video sites and advertisers in the eyes of & other; Crispy Fried chicken & throughout; . However, in the face of all the good and bad are intermingled of video content in & other; Micro film & throughout; Walk in the name of the river’s lake, hard to avoid can let a person produce doubt: & other; Micro film & throughout; What is?

the reporter visited the personage inside course of study generally said that generally, the micro film refers to the work time in 3 to 30 minutes, a complete story, fit in the new media to watch the video content. Others see Hugo in 2005 of a spoof film “a murder case caused by a steamed bread” as domestic micro movie & other Founder & throughout; . Not long ago in & other; The zodiac & throughout; Micro film project director lu chuan is the truth, he thinks the micro movie is evolved by the previous film, just after the birth of weibo, short film also follow the fashion changed & other; Micro film & throughout; The new name.

“advertising” editor in chief and a senior producer LingPing believes that since euphemistically called & other; Micro film & throughout; , that means than network video more advanced, excellent quality, the shots and film approach, requirements, standards, & other; In short, the movie is the micro movie & throughout; .

s industry phenomenon

although the personage inside course of study generally & other; Cinematic & throughout; As the important index of micro films, but for many & other; Strike while the iron is hot & throughout; Plunged into the market in terms of testing the waters, and other Micro film & throughout; Is but a block & other; Looks very beautiful & throughout; The golden signboard. For example, recently launched a milk brand network video “dumb girl”, the film with a pile of debris type & other; Small and pure and fresh & throughout; Life trivia to describe a young couple in love story, the film lacks enough narrative and complete structure, looks more like a MTV television advertising or extended, as & other; Micro film & throughout; Is not suitable.

similarly, star king been Dan 4 minute film starring “super was the” while trying to build & other; Mission: impossible & throughout; Temperament, but it’s only about a few scenarios and small segment, at the same time, advertisers Intel’s & other; Super throughout the &; Products are full of images, attracted a lot of netizens shelling: this is not a micro movie, it’s just downright Intel long advertising!

not only such, also appears on the market for various of micro film of finance and economics, environmental protection film, constellation micro & hellip; & hellip; Which hung a lot of is not in conformity with the technical standards, but derivative & other Micro film & throughout; Concept, not only let netizen produce aesthetic fatigue, also overdraw the concept of micro film and value. & other; So-called micro movie, the film language to make, at least have complete story and plot. If can call micro movie, confused & throughout; , LingPing said.

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