Milestone “Medea” manuscript rediscovered 200 years (figure)

French painter Angle (j. d. Ingres) of the author’s cairu than he.

opera “Medea” song cover.

to be repaired after the part of the music.

according to foreign media reports, the Italian composer luigi & middot; Cairu than he (Luigi Cherubini) 216 years ago in the opera “Medea” (Mé Dé E) original end has been one of the world’s most advanced X-ray instrument repair the success. Beethoven once said, cairu he is the greatest composer contemporaries, he and Brahms also thinks “Medea” is a drama music milestone.

a few days ago, scientists from Stanford university of Manchester in Britain and the United States with X-ray apparatus to be blotted out of tune. Study abroad, experts say, cairu, probably because critics criticized the opera is too long, so to get the opera aria for blackening at last.

according to the scientific detection, “Medea” the manuscript is written in containing metal ink, but in the end be blotted out of the paragraphs are using another material, metals was not detected. The Stanford linear accelerator center instrument can & other; Throughout the perspective &; To be blotted out of the original.

the panel members include the university of Manchester geochemist Roy & middot; Woog ryukyu (Roy Wogelius), he was in the same instrument to detect the 150 million – year – old fossil. Woog ryukyu said & other; We often say that solve chemical mystery, detection of fossil is so, now testing the opera and so on. This is cairu than’s mystery & ndash; & ndash; We have rediscovered his writing. By this instrument, you can see all traces of writing, the mark of Musical Instruments including notes, and the proportion of the lyrics. Throughout the &;

according to the detection, cairu than he is in black material dropped the “Medea” the last paragraph apply. Woog ryukyu and Dr Said: & other; This material may be used for your shoes. In visible light, we are can’t see the content of the daub. It was like someone was in the newspaper with shoe polish, is can’t see you put the text. But he is written in a special ink, with different metal composition. We use X-ray machines & lsquo; Stimulation & rsquo; The metal composition of the ink, which makes the ink can there be light, and then we according to this light to draw the image. Throughout the &;

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