Ming dynasty figure as a promotion board game granddaddy Hundreds of office dice to win

yizheng city archives collection is the most complete office & other; Promotion figure & throughout;

& other; Fight to be loyal, Yang left Sun Zhou several people. The loyal minister at life, recently promoted to have a shortcut. Throughout the &; The Ming dynasty poem, said that is a kind of very popular games & ndash; & ndash; A promotion. As the name implies, the game with a promotion for the purpose, just to complicated promotion path is determined by the roll of the dice.

in yizheng city, jiangsu archives, the collection is a perhaps has the most complete version of the rank promotion game figure recent wenwu qing promotion world map. Under the interpretation of the museum’s deputy curator Ma Chunlin, in ancient China the earliest & other; Board game & throughout; The & other; Promotion figure & throughout; The game graphically show in front of reporters.

my files & other; Board game & throughout;


is a map of what?

recent wenwu qing promotion world map positions as many as hundreds of

the creeping in front of the journalists of the recent wenwu qing promotion world map, mottled old yellow paper. According to Ma Chunlin introduction, this is the last century 60 s from the private collection, & other; When filing over the last two years, feel great research value. Throughout the &;

square drawings, thickly dotted with text, scan can be found which is composed of dozens of boxes, each box on behalf of the qing dynasty was a government or system, such as the county government, state official, the academician courtyard, those mansion, etc. Box with subordinate this system the size of the office, such as state official under divided into & other; With, the year, states convicted, collectors throughout mesh &; ; Each office indicated above the rank, such as the year as from five parts, the annotation & other From five & throughout; , and so on.


how to play?

dice decide & other; Promotion & throughout; Throw, & other; The leopard & throughout; Won

so office up to hundreds, the spiral arrangement game is formed. & other; The game method is very simple, it is from the starting point, each dice decide & lsquo; Promotion & rsquo; Speed and process. Throughout the &;

the reporter sees, positioned written & other Background & throughout; 2 words, according to the rules of the game attached to the figure below game signalled that the game can have up to 10 people were playing, tool is six dice. Ma Chunlin tells a reporter, & other; Existing historical data for various versions of promotion in the figure, the simplest to use a similar dice gyro can play, play the most complex of six dice. Throughout the &;

the game when the initial luck will directly determine your & other; Background & throughout; , more will affect the next & other; Throughout career &; . In six digital dice with & other Shi & throughout; Harmonics of & other; 4 & throughout; The most honorable, called & other; Red & throughout; , if throw 6 & other; Red & throughout; , congratulations to the players that he could finish the game, a direct promotion for position very lofty & other; Yan SAN male & throughout; To get money, after several & other; Dahe & throughout; Triumph. Of course, in addition to the other five & other; Six dice with number & throughout; , is of great honor & other; Background & throughout; Can also & other; Dahe & throughout; Victory over, just with money less than & other; Yan SAN male & throughout; . Determine their origins, players take turns to roll the dice again, will throw Numbers than that under the official & other Cfa & throughout; , advanced or demotion. The corresponding formula is: & other; , 26 for two red DE, 25 into work, two were soft, two MAO for spoils & throughout; (the version no & other; Two or three & throughout; The rules, for unknown reasons, other versions of the & other; Promotion figure & throughout; , & other; Two or three & throughout; On behalf of & other; Good & throughout; , the meaning is good, have corresponding & other Promotion & throughout;) .

illustrate as follows: a player & other; Background & throughout; Throw out 123456 different combination, he immediately to get the corresponding & other; Students & throughout; Position. The second throw of the dice has two & other; Red (4) & throughout; , get a & other; DE & throughout; According to & other; Students & throughout; Below & other; Cfa & throughout; , will be promoted to the doctrine of & other; Foreign ministry ZuoCheng & throughout; . By analogy, after several rounds of throwing, if can in one official as & other A surname & throughout; Seat throw it out, just, the work of both dice, may & other; Dahe & throughout; The end of the game.