Ming palace end door meridian gate has nothing to do with the Dragon Boat Festival “meridian gate beheaded” rumors

Ming imperial palace of the meridian gate

Ming palace is in the early Ming dynasty, is also called the Forbidden City of nanjing, is a blueprint of Beijing the imperial palace, it also has the world’s largest palace is the middle ages. Just like the Forbidden City, Ming palace has end door and meridian gate, together just & other; Dragon Boat Festival & throughout; The word. So, it has anything to do with the Dragon Boat Festival? I’m afraid it’s going to have this many people curious! Yangzi evening news reporter with this problem, in the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, the end door and meridian gate & other; Pursuit & throughout; To remove all doubt.

the yangzi evening news reporter Li Chong

not direct relationship between the two doors and the Dragon Boat Festival

& other; The history of the Dragon Boat Festival in China than building history much longer, and the palace of Ming and qing dynasties came first, the Dragon Boat Festival again end door, meridian gate. End door, and there is no direct relationship between the meridian gate and the Dragon Boat Festival. Throughout the &; Yesterday, the expert of the Ming history Ma Weiyuan nanjing yangzi evening news reporter told history end door and some of the meridian gate.

Ma Weiyuan told reporters, according to historical records, as early as the tang dynasty period, before even have end door called meridian gate. They are part of the court system. According to “rites”, the old palace set five door three temple, nanjing Ming palace from inside extroversion, in turn, gate of hongwu mukdens, end door, meridian gate, door, door, now only meridian gate remaining, end door had disappeared. History end door should be on the meridian gate of the south hundreds of meters, is located in a central axis, the same today okimichi street.

end door: & other; Regular clothes & throughout;

Ma Weiyuan said, the first end door is to enter the palace gate, the so-called & other; Front door & throughout; . & other; End door side word, there is a regular clothes, said since then have to step into the palace, to sort out the headgear, etc. Throughout the &; Ma Weiyuan told reporters, such as the emperor to interview right, to the end door position, there will be official reminder right to arrange their own clothes, wear a straw hat does not go in. Ma Weiyuan, told reporters in history, more than end door about court coup, in the history of the Ming dynasty, expounds the end door is not much, end door main effect is blocking meridian gate, distance between in about ten meters.

Ma Weiyuan tells a reporter, mention end door, are mentioned as attached. End door towers in general can be used for temporary storage emperor ceremonial things, shows the majesty of the feudal imperial power, but put a little food, only temporary applications, there is no much effect.

meridian gate: generally only the emperor could go

& other; Meridian gate is equivalent to the people of the house of common is the gate, since they officially entered the royal is. Throughout the &; There are two kinds of Ma Weiyuan said, meridian gate, is a bearing say, & other; In ancient China with Chinese era table bearing, the child is due north, and lunch is south, so the south gate is called meridian gate. Throughout the &; Ma Weiyuan pointed out that the temple toward the south, the front doors of the royal and residential slightly southwest, end door, meridian gate at the palace, on the central axis of the meridian gate is the south gate of the palace.

about the meridian gate is another way of saying that represent the concept of time. Ma Weiyuan said, according to the Chinese era, noon is 11 to 13 points corresponding hour time period, at that time, every day at noon time, Ming palace inside the bell said to eat. So people call this door meridian gate.

& other; When it comes to eating, there are interesting. In the early Ming dynasty, ministers from early dynasty, emperor will be to stay & lsquo; Please eat & rsquo; , the so-called & lsquo; Receive salaries & rsquo; , their dispersed again after dinner; Ministers live house, is also the court is built according to the court system, for them to live but then late hongwu court finances, yet after leaving the habit of eating is cancelled. Throughout the &;

Ma Weiyuan tells a reporter, before the meridian gate, the road began to split, is divided into three road, because not all meridian gate can go. For meridian gate, there are a few that can reveal the fortified court system. In the TV series “Zhen Huan biography, when the owners the palace of the slant the door, was told that can go into from the middle of the door. Ma Weiyuan confirmed that, in fact, the door is the meridian gate. & other; Meridian gate only the emperor could walk, queen to marry into the palace, eight big jiao also pass through the meridian gate. In addition, is the new jinshi in the palace to accept the emperor summoned for the first time, walk also is meridian gate, under normal circumstances, the civilians from the meridian gate into the left door, attache from right into the door. Throughout the &;

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two story about meridian gate

1, & other Launch meridian gate beheaded & throughout; Is not the case meridian gate in history has left a lot of historical stories, attention. A secretary is wanton run amok across the Ming dynasty, not only could the people, strong rob commoner, ruling killed is the magistrate of a county of the south China sea, rage, kill them outside the meridian gate.

in the meridian gate in nanjing now has a & other Blood stone & throughout; , caesious served with purple brown stripes, like a penetrate the stone in the blood. It is legend is Ming fang xiaoru head blood spattered the door of the left. In 1403 AD, emperor zhu di peanuts, want to take advantage of the reputation of fang xiaoru, netting reader, acceded to the throne so he ordered his draft letters. Fang xiaoru resolutely not from, was finally put out ten family, including his friend and protege, successively every victim of more than eight hundred and seventy people.

in some drama works and film and television work, often have such line & other; Launch meridian gate beheaded & throughout; . Ma Weiyuan told reporters, probably is likely to be based on the above two historical facts, but in fact not the case. & other; Court system is very heavily, the meridian gate to the royal palace, like ordinary people’s house is at the door, who would be beheaded at home? Throughout the &; Ma Weiyuan said, in fact, when executed prisoners of the Ming dynasty, is in the flower terrace area.

2, zhu yuanzhang had & other; Dragon Boat Festival & throughout; A couplet Nanjing professor Ma Weiyuan tells a reporter, zhu yuanzhang like a couplet. & other; Zhu yuanzhang cultural level is low, afraid of intellectuals and despise, so, like a couplet in particular. He is preferred for military attache, heard that they reflect by civilian, time, under the left will minister, said he would hold activities, their part, let the civil-military GuanChu bottom allied, and decided to write bottom allied to attache back well, and then together to play a trick on civilian. Throughout the &;

on the Internet about a couplet and the Dragon Boat Festival. A year of the Dragon Boat Festival, zhu yuanzhang feast ministers, dinner, he was a part, cloud: & other; End door north, meridian gate to the south, the court gives the feast in the Dragon Boat Festival. Throughout the &; The & other; End door throughout north &; The & in the other End & throughout; And & other Meridian gate throughout south &; The & in the other Noon & throughout; Together, these in & other Court gave feast on Dragon Boat Festival & throughout; The & in the other Dragon Boat Festival & throughout; . So, want to on the bottom allied has the certain difficulty. At this point, the princes of the shen should think for a moment, on the way: & other; After spring list first, autumn list, examination hall “in the spring and autumn. Throughout the &; In the Ming dynasty, spring list, also called a list, a list of jinshi; List of autumn, which is also called b list, a list of b take juren. Should be the bottom allied to the spring and autumn period and the two list for part of dragon boat two door, at the same time & other Throughout the spring &; , & other Throughout the autumn &; Synthetic & other; Throughout the spring and autumn period and the &; , and this part & other; End & throughout; , & other Noon & throughout; Synthetic & other; Dragon Boat Festival & throughout; Corresponding, is conducted, the closest natural.

but Ma Weiyuan tells a reporter, in the process of the history of the Ming dynasty, did not hear which officials named shen should be. & other; Also may be officer is too small, there is no record. In short, zhu yuanzhang like a couplet is certain. Throughout the &;