Misread the book of songs: “hand” is a man agreed?


” in those years, we read the wrong book of songs “to the” book of songs “subversive interpretation

west China metropolis daily: & other; Fat & throughout; Is & other; The book of odes & throughout; In the era of & other; Internet rumors throughout the &; ; & other; Gentle and graceful & throughout; The word with & other; Slim & throughout; Never had a half relationship; & other; Taking your hand, and son xielao & throughout; Oath, not between men and women, but men agreed between; & other; The so-called iraqis, another side of the river & throughout; The & in the other Iraqis & throughout; Not & other; Beauty & throughout; , but the old man & hellip; & hellip; Recently “in those years, we read the wrong book of songs” authors, poets, lack of the book of songs zhao has made the new subversive interpretation.

in those years, we read the book of songs “wrong, subversive ideas. We can’t help but wonder, how did the research for the view? The author zhao and what of the lack of a person, for classic, traditional Chinese, he has what kind of point of view? West China metropolis daily reporter to interview him for this purpose. & other; Try to explore the meaning of the “book of songs” originally & throughout;

west China metropolis daily: talk about your writing “in those years, we read the wrong book of” the process of this book.

zhao: before and after I have written three versions. My first translation according to shi ji zhuan, but found some explanation, or cannot be established on the details, or avoid some of the words, sentence zhu’s comments. After I again according to justice to MAO poetry “translation, annotation of rigorous, but also exist problems, including political implications too thick. Finally the third edition, is I completely overturned before two version, according to my own understanding, combined with extensive reading at ordinary times, a detailed textual research, finally comprehensive interpretation, hope that we can try to close to the original meaning of the book of songs.

west China metropolis daily: you said you saw on the market in recent decades in the book of songs more popular or more authoritative dozens of versions, & other; Found throughout all the translation very funny &; . Why the public know the book of songs so high classic, but not a book on the vernacular notes Ben?

zhao: in my opinion, a professor at the university of today almost all don’t know much about the connotation of the “book of songs”. No matter what they study, tries, is all getting blood from a stone. Some & other; Cultural elite & throughout; , in order to meet with the needs of The Times, or to achieve their own reputation, often wantonly trampled classic, tilt the book of songs. School students holding errors of the teaching material, teacher, study for the rest of your life, it is impossible to read the book of songs.

west China metropolis daily: you for reading the book of songs from when to start? Who are the enlightenment? How do you ensure that your interpretation is correct?

zhao: as a poet, I started to read the book of songs early nature. In middle school, I studied in zhu xi’s shi ji zhuan. I don’t have a enlightenment teacher, I read poetry, poetry writing, purely out of personal interest. Although I didn’t go to university, never worship the teacher, the unknown but read also many. At the same time, I am a poet and prose, pay special attention to the meaning of Chinese characters, use at ordinary times, so, I have is the ability of the book of songs. : of course, I can’t guarantee that all my interpretation are all correct, but I can guarantee that my reading than the current every interpretation is closer to the original meaning of the classic of poetry. & other; In the process of entertainment, to obtain the pure traditional Chinese knowledge & throughout;

west China metropolis daily: why would choose to use & other appear; Entertainment & throughout; The popular style, to show you read the book of songs?

zhao: I have already said, in front of the Chinese learning for me, originally is a kind of entertainment. Entertainment, I believe, is the only way to revive the traditional sinology. Therefore, I have long sought to make the readers in the process of entertainment, to obtain the pure traditional Chinese knowledge. The book of songs is actually quite good fun. I hope you can accompany with me & other; Play & throughout; The book of songs, love the book of songs, & other; Entertainment & throughout; The book of songs, and finally read the book of songs.

west China metropolis daily: in the personal introduction, you said you & other; No shicheng, no higher education experience. Throughout the &; How did you start on the path of study Chinese?

zhao: Chinese learning for me, originally is a kind of entertainment. Although I was a kid, no computer, no network home has a TV set, can the TV show is boring. I don’t like just hanging out and play with my classmates. Therefore, only by reading to boredom! At first, then I went to the book, read comic books, grew up some, just go to the library to borrow the classical novels. After high school, feel boring novel, we reached the temple there, through all kinds of classical Chinese old books. Junior middle school three grade, I began to frantically poetry to write lyrics, so far, they are written for more than twenty years. Study Chinese, it is a quite interesting thing. Will also publish explain “li SAO”, “xiao”, “spring and autumn biography of RAMS and

west China metropolis daily: in China, social evaluation, extreme, “for a while, for a while and others, the trend. You are how to understand & other; Traditional Chinese & throughout; This concept?

zhao: does not exist in the 20th century Chinese master. A true GuoXueGu, at least to meet the following three conditions: one, to interpret the original writings in classical style; 2, can create a (not copy) to rules, strict rhyme, antithesis neat poems, prose; Third, at least proficient in a book.

west China metropolis daily: in addition to the book of songs, you’ll also comment other classics? Like all those years, we read the book of songs “wrong this form?

zhao deficiency: currently, there is this kind of plan. Next, I’d like to write three books: one, “li SAO: a narcissist’s song”; Second, “xiao: Chinese learning into the first class”; Three, “the spring and autumn period and the ram biography: we actually are illiterate”. Among them, “li SAO: a narcissist’s song” style may be similar to “in those years, we read the wrong book of songs”. Present in “li SAO”, there is a big misunderstanding for qu yuan. “Li SAO” opening & other; Emperor Gao Yangzhi branch xi, I huang yue “commonplace throughout & test; After, I use the vernacular translation, feel and & other My father is li gang & throughout; The same. This is very funny, this kind of joke in “li SAO”. After writing, you must love. As for the Chinese learning into the first class, xiao is a very serious work. & other; Filial piety throughout the &; Is the core of the Chinese spirit, Chinese collective beliefs. Xiao jing “is absolutely cannot bring entertainment.

these overturned interpret what we understand the “book of songs”

& other; Cage osprey, in the river of continent. My fair lady, gentleman good qiu. Throughout the &; This is the most famous sentences in the book of songs. Present popular explanation is that this is a young man for a slim pretty girl love letters. But according to textual research, lack of zhao & other; Good & throughout; Read the organization (h) m: o, & other; Qiu & throughout; Tong & other; Revenge & throughout; , the original meaning of & other; Alive & throughout; (according to the spring and autumn zuo zhuan & other; Darling princess, alive yue enemies throughout &;) . A poor & other; Prick silk & throughout; Unrequited love & other; Bai Fu beauty & throughout; (& other Lady & throughout;) , but can not, can only see the family & other Lady & throughout; In & other; The gentleman & throughout; Gorgeous offensive, eventually become a pair of & other Alive & throughout; . So, zhao lack of thought, the whole poem is not a sweet love letter, but a slow work full of self-pity. He also complained, & other; Money, power, can’t get love, but it can create a romantic, romantic is the catalyst of love. Since the ancient times, has been so, alas! Throughout the &;

& other; Born death deed wide, and son said. Taking your hand, and son xielao & throughout; This set of ancient classical poetry, whether in the wedding, or in the classical romantic drama, occurrence rate is very high. If, however, lack of zhao told us that this sentence does not mean that a good contract between men and women, but two men of grievances, even & other; Weaned from the sleeve & throughout; The suspicion. According to textual research, lack of zhao in the pre-qin period, & other; The child & throughout; As a kind of containing the laudatory title of respect, just like in the later & other Mr & throughout; , & other You & throughout; , in roles in ancient times, people usually will only call wife & other Throughout your &; Or & other; Throughout, &; , impossible at the time of pledge of eternal love suddenly polite, for no apparent reason, call wife & other; The child & throughout; . So zhao lack of recognized this explanation, this poem is in an ancient war, & other; Covenant fighters a and b in hand, hope to help each other, their lives and peace to the old. But soldiers armour don’t keep promise, get rid of the soldier b, regardless of the lives of b. Therefore, full of wrath; b, wrote the poem. Throughout the &; On the basis of the explanation, zhao issued his own question, & other; The two men’s fine hand in hand, even throughout all the way to the old &; , I’m afraid not just friends.

& other; A day of sight, such as three years & throughout; Is not to say that the deep attachment to each other of two people, but said the two day of sight, has further apart. While & other; The so-called iraqis, another side of the river & throughout; The & in the other Iraqis & throughout; , not & other; Eyebrow in the United States & throughout; But & other; WeiShui side fishing the big week hero little & throughout; .