Mo yan at hangzhou refused to talk about “Nobel” called home to hug her grandson or granddaughter


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mo yan is the vast amounts of the city, so, how many times to say he can not remember clearly chu.

yesterday morning, mo yan, has arrived in the city of hangzhou is four come earlier a writer. But take loy and others words to describe, MoYanLai hangzhou & other; Whereabouts secret & throughout; .

until half past five yesterday afternoon, the writers are collective tour city balcony & other Drifting random & throughout; When MoYanCai appeared in front of everyone.

a red plaid shirt match grey trousers, meticulous hair too & ndash; & ndash; 57, mo yan has the usual kind elderly, with the surrounding and have a natural sense of alienation. Cigarettes are not from his hand, because of this, from within the elevator of mo yan when realized without cigarettes, immediately turned back to my room, hangzhou intercontinental hotels that still need to transfer in 5 floor elevator, in his view was not obstacles at all.

from the intercontinental hotel excursion to urban balcony, writers, noisily nostalgia, teasing each other, and mo yan is not how to speak. Only ShuTing about myself is my grandmother, he said he is my grandfather.

however, when speaking of reading this topic, mo yan more smile on his face. He said & ndash; & ndash; Reading is a classical pleasure. Especially in the present with the impact of network, people have all kinds of entertainment or pastime, but reading can let a person find more in the traditional sense of peace.

in my notebook, mo yan wrote the words, and carefully & other; The pleasure of reading is classical & throughout; .

mo yan once said in a blog, blog and sina weibo is a young man to help him open, & other; Blog, is basically a & lsquo; The ship & rsquo; . Easy to go up, down, will be scolded. Throughout the &; This is the central words in his blog. Is perhaps for this reason, he is rarely updated weibo. One of the most recent, it is his response to the controversy because of the Nobel Prize. When I try to mention weibo this topic, mo yan said quickly: & other; Don’t talk about it. Throughout the &; Then, is eager to go away.

for mo yan, and every time he comes to hangzhou tour, therefore, he is not too much impression on the city. This is the same, he will be back to shandong gaomi home this afternoon. However, when the grandfather, mo yan is not as he wrote in the doggerel & other; I go back to density, pouring wheat drought resistance & throughout; , but there is another urgent & ndash; & ndash; & other; I want to go home to hug her grandson or granddaughter. Throughout the &;

the same alienation, also exists between he and zhejiang writer. In addition to mecca, mo yan said he and other writers association of zhejiang.

after the “frog”, mo yan and brewing new works. & other; In collecting data, looking for some old people know the situation. Throughout the &; Mo yan revealed that his next work will be a historical subject.

micro urban balcony after rain, there is no lack of visitors. For visitors to come to a photo or autograph, mo yan never refuse. A group photo, he smiled, will hand back.


mo yan, formerly known as GuanMo industry, born in shandong gaomi, famous contemporary Chinese writer.

in 1985, mo yan published medium-length novel “the transparent carrot,” literary world attention. Subsequently, mo yan rise to a series of local works, full of & other Homesickness & throughout; And & other; Hatred township & throughout; The complex emotions, are classified as & other; Root-searching literature & throughout; Writer.

his representative works are red sorghum, “sandalwood penalty”, a buxom, “wine country”, the fatigue life and death “, “frog” and so on. Their works influenced by magic realism, mo yan structure in his novels unique subjective feeling world, roam the narration, the processing of defamiliarization, with obvious & other; Pioneer & throughout; Color.

in 2011, mo yan with novel “frog” won the eighth MAO dun prize for literature.