Mo yan hot Spring Festival most tourists with children at home “literary giant” gas

& other; I at eight every morning to mo yan more open the door, home around 6 PM to my old house door. During the Spring Festival, despite the cold weather, but tourists visiting the mo yan lives has increased a lot than usual, available & lsquo; Hot & rsquo; To describe. Throughout the &; Mo yan second brother GuanMoXin 13, said in an interview with China news agency reporters call.

GuanMoXin tells a reporter, for days, large Numbers of tourists from visiting, mo yan once life’s dream. During the Spring Festival holiday, large Numbers of tourists will be here as their destination, especially with children tourists more, hope to be able to let the children touch point & other; Literary giant & throughout; Gas.

he said, mo yan’s former residence built in 1912, later renovated twice, in 1955 to 1955, mo yan from birth to join the army to leave, living here for about 22 years, later during a soldier, he returned and lived on and off, too. In 1988, mo yan in gaomi county (now gaomi city) to buy the house, and his wife Du Qinlan and only daughter smile from the old house moved. In 1990, the parents also move out from here, old building has been idle.

GuanMoXin said, & other; Since received the Nobel Prize for literature, mo yan, almost every day a large number of tourists and the media to mo yan home visits and interviews. Especially at the weekend, after one more, from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and from the United States. More time in the yard stand is full of people. The former residence in one hundred because of long time not to live, to visit many people and overwhelmed. Individual impatient visitors over the small courtyard wall collapsed, will cut a fence and clear. For this, last November, family diy has carried on the simple maintenance and repair to my old house. Repaired the house between 5 lesions, a place for mo yan’s childhood and youth used bowl, bookcase and bags. Free of charge back to Chinese and foreign tourists. Throughout the &;

GuanMoXin told reporters, mo yan is called greetings home before the Spring Festival, and happy New Year to dad, but because there are so many activities in Beijing, still busy with the creation of literary works, the lunar New Year holiday, mo yan didn’t back to my hometown density for the holiday. (RMB Kong Fan)