Mo yan’s employment of shandong university professor said “no knowledge nor degree”

since 2001 was invited as an adjunct professor of literature and journalism institute, April 27, 2012 Nobel Prize winner of mo yan of shandong university, hired professor of the school and bring Alexander literature lecture hall opening speech.

mo yan said humorously, & other; Very honored to come to shandong literature lecture hall, at the same time also feel very fear and upset. Has the future Alexander, because no & lsquo; Style & rsquo; . Throughout the &; & other; Doesn’t like to come, is can’t & throughout; . While & other; Dare not to & throughout; Because & other; There is no knowledge no degree & throughout; . He adds, & other; A no knowledge, no degree man when professor of shandong university, really need to take a huge risk, but also want to have a & lsquo; Not afraid dead & rsquo; The spirit of & throughout; .

speech, when it comes to winning, he thinks, the domestic and the world wide attention of her won the Nobel Prize for literature because of its powerful, also reflected the Chinese have more and more important status in the international community. Mo yan said that although the professor was hired as such and such, but the most obsessed with the mind in writing. & other; To create better returns literature is also in shandong university, also often to Alexander created a chat with you comments. Throughout the &; In response to the student have recently teaching plans, mo yan, said there is no clear plan, but Alexander will definitely come again next time carefully prepared, the best we can. (reporter Fan Jia Xu Yuqin intern)